Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fire at Mcivor Court

Firefighters are investigating the cause of a fire at Mcivor Court on the city's South side. Crews from four fire stations responded to the call just after 10 o'clock Sunday morning. Platoon Chief Kim Hutch says it might have been caused by smoking material being thrown down the garbage shoot. Firefighters had to force entry where the fire was quickly put under control. There have been no injuries reported, and damage to the apartment is minimal.

Macs Robbery

Thunder Bay Police are investigating another Macs Mart robbery. The Waterloo St. location was robbed early Sunday morning just after midnight, by a woman with a knife. There were no injuries reported and Police haven't made any arrests in connection with the robbery.

T.Bay's first TEDx conference

Thunder Bay will host its first TEDx conference on February 16th, 2012. Manager of the North West Innovation Centre, Judy Sander says the theme is reinventing your community. The organization committee is now looking for speakers. For more information visit

Humane Society fundraiser

A fundraiser for the Thunder Bay Humane Society is gearing up for a big event. Organizer Jessica Leinich says her and a group of residents are having an event at the Westfort Tavern to raise money to help save the Humane Society.  The event will happen December 10th, from 8pm to 2am.