Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wind farm debate tops local news

2010 was another busy news year in Thunder Bay.  There was no escaping the wind farm debate at city council. The proposal to build wind turbines on the Nor' Wester escarpment caused a major stir and was felt by our newsroom to be the top story in Thunder bay for this year. Keith Hobbs victory in the mayor's race came in second.

Hoad says it's about time for new warning labels

A local health official says he is relieved warning labels on cigarette packages will finally be bigger and more graphic. The Health Unit's Simon Hoad says the government's decision to change the warnings should have been done sooner.  Hoad says the newer images are necessary because the older ones aren't as effective anymore.

Adam Leon's legal saga continues

A law enforcement official in Thunder Bay says Adam Leon could be returning here soon.
Thunder Bay RCMP Detachment Commander Norman Roy says Leon will be released from federal jail today in the States and will next appear in U-S immigration court.  At that time he says a judge will determine whether he should be deported to Canada or not.   As well there is an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Thunder Bay.  Leon is the Confederation College student who took a Cessna from the college flying school and flew it illegally in American airspace.

Injuries in snow machine accident

One man is hurt following an early morning snowmobiling mishap in Shuniah Township Thursday.   OPP say it was a collision between two snow machines on West Loon Lake.   They say one of the victims may have sustained two broken legs.