Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Police chief avoids Hobbs talk

Thunder Bay's police chief doesn't appear ready to discuss anything to do with our new mayor. It's no secret Chief Bob Herman and Mayor Keith Hobbs have had frosty relations dating back to when Hobbs headed the Police Association. Now that Hobbs is mayor and part of the Police Services Board, Chief Herman is relucant to discuss the mayor's role with the board with our newsroom. Chief Herman even implied we were trying to create a controversy with our line of questioning

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Treaty Three Police has new Deputy Chief

A long time member of the OPP is now the deputy chief of the Treaty Three Police Force. Terry Armstrong was sworn in yesterday. He says he's looking forward to his new duties. Armstrong is a 30 year veteran of the OPP and fills a vacancy that has been open since the summer.

Proulx on trial in Kenora

"Kill me Cop, Kill me Cop". Those were reportedly the words 39 year old Helen Proulx spoke before being shot twice in downtown Kenora on June 7th of this year.  The Grassy Narrows resident is on trial this week on four charges, including assaulting a police officer.  Constable Kathrine Moyer told the court this morning that when she came across Proulx just after 8:00 in the evening, she was cutting at her wrists and forearm in a slicing motion. She then took the knife and jabbed it into her abdomen.  Moyer says she told Proulx at least six time to drop the knife, and only fired her firearm when Proulx began to jab it in her direction.  Testimony is continuing at the Kenora Court House.

Illegal trail costs 2 thousand

Two Nipigon men are in trouble after building an illegal trail.  The duo were fined two thousand dollars creating a path in a conservation reserve.  Conservation officers found the men creating the trail with skidders and chain saws.

Imrie receives award

The Executive Director of the region's sports hall of fame is the winner of a prestigious award.  Diane Imrie recieved the 2010 Schroeder Award from the International Sports Heritage Association.

Labour pains at LU next year

The Human Resources department at Lakehead University will have it's hands full next year. Four contracts come up for re-negotiation. At the top of the list are LU's 300 professors. H-R Director Ray Raslak says don't expect any of those talks to wrap up until the fall.  Also up for negotiation next year are contracts for grad assistants, security personnel and maintenance workers.

Rogers blinked: Hyer

Thunder Bay MP Bruce Hyer is claiming a small victory. He says that because of his actions in parliament, communications giant Rogers has ended its cell phone locking policy. That policy kicks in at the end of a contract and prevents owners from keeping their old phone if they want to switch providers. Hyer says it's nice to win one for a change. He says he got discouraged after the Senate killed his climate change bill, but now feels like he's making a difference.

Fender bender causes traffic issue

No one is hurt as the result of this minor fender bender on Red River Road near Rockwood during the lunch hour Wednesday.   It did, however, cause traffic problems until the scene was cleared.

The end of the penny could hurt the United Way

The United Way's Pennies from Heaven campaign could be coming to an end. The Federal Government is considering axing the 1 cent coin which would effectively end the charity campaign. The United Way's Jared Zieroth says last year's campaign raised 20 thousand dollars and they'd have to come up with some sort of new project to replace that fundraiser.  Zieroth says Nickels from Heaven just doesn't have the same ring. 

It's a tropical heat wave LOL

We're going to get a reprieve from the deep freeze.  Meteorologist Bill Laidlaw says the arctic air is moving north and in its place some seasonal temperatures are coming our way. Laidlaw says we'll likely see some snow Thursday with some more small amounts over the weekend.