Friday, December 24, 2010

Accused is from Mexico

More is now known about a man charged in connection with a weekend traffic death. Christian Emhir Hernandez, who's charged with impaired driving causing death, has been living in Thunder Bay for 6 years. He was a Mexican citizen according to his lawyer Chris Watkins. Watkins says his client came to Canada to work as a structural engineer at Bombardier. Watkins couldn't confirm that the car involved in the weekend incident  may have had Mexican plates only to say it was insured in Mexico. The concern of prosecutors is that if Hernandez is released he'll escape to Mexico and because Canada has no extradition treaty with that country he could avoid a trial. However Watkins says he plans to fight that saying Hernadez has family and roots in Thunder Bay. Hernadez will be in court again on January 12th

Nice weather for Holidays

We can expect nice weather over the holiday weekend.  Giant News Meterologist Bill Laidlaw says temperatures will reach minus five and we'll have plenty of sunshine. Winds are expected to pick up on Boxing Day. Snowfall could come by Wednesday.