Monday, April 18, 2011

Vacancy plan in place

City Council is ready to fill a vacant council seat if Ken Boshcoff is elected in the Federal Election.  Council voted in favour of holding a by-election for vacancies in the early stages of a council term.  A by election would cost around 35 thousand dollars. The resolution calls for longer term vacancies to be appointed by council.

Harper pumps up the Tory faithful

Thunder Bay-Rainy River is one of 30 seats in Canada the Conservatives believe they can take away from the opposition parties this election.  Monday evening,  Prime Minister Harper rallied the Tory faithful in Thunder Bay with a call for change saying each time he comes here the crowds are bigger than the time before.  Harper continues his Thunder Bay visit Tuesday morning at the Regional Health Sciences Centre.

Youth curfew axed

Thunder Bay won't be going ahead with a youth curfew.  Councillors approved a resolution Monday night that was against the curfew.  Police Chief Bob Herman says policing a curfew would require more man power and would cost a lot of money.  The resolution was passed unanimously.  Council is now vowing to come up with programs that will help keep youth safe.

Walsh Street Residents against sidewalk

Residents of Walsh Street West feel the City hasn't communicated with them enough about a proposed sidewalk. Spokesperson Allan Jack says they've signed a petition asking council to scrap the idea entirely. Jack adds there hasn't been any safety problems in the past without a sidewalk. The tender for the 250 metre stretch is set to close Tuesday. The project is estimated to cost around 75-thousand dollars. 

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Firefighters mandatory retirement

Fire Fighters could retire at the age of 60 if the Provincial Government has it's way.  They introduced the mandatory retirement legislation on Monday.   Professional Fire Fighters Association President Eric Nordlund doesn't foresee any problems with the age limit.  Nordlund says fire suppression is taxing work and not meant for seniors.

Thunder Bay runs in Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is a done deal with the 7 Thunder Bay participants all finished. Thunder Bay's Ryan McDonald finished with the best time out of the 7 local participants finishing just over 2 hours and 40 minutes. Other Thunder Bay participants finishing times are as follows: Karla Bailey: 3:14:51. Christine L. Bociurko: 3:38:58. Stuart J. Brimmell: 3:05:01. Susan McDonald: 4:07:13. Shaun W. Naroski: 3:39:51. Rena Viebeck: 3:18:13.

Jack Layton plans to visit Thunder Bay

It turns out Thunder Bay will see another campaign leader visit our city. NDP leader Jack Layton will be making an appearance Wednesday night at the Current River Community Centre at 5 o'clock.

OPP investigating disappearance

The OPP is investigating the disappearance of 3-people who were travelling from a home in Wainwright Township to Sioux Lookout. 65-year-old George Daigle of Dryden left the area Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock and was travelling with his 14-year-old grand-daughter and her 14-year-old girl friend. Police say they didn't arrive at their destination. The trio were travelling in a silver 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe with Ontario plates BHSW563. A ground and air search is underway. Anyone with information on their location is asked to contact OPP.

Filmmaker Moxam dead.

A former Confederation College student who went on to become hit in Winnipeg, is dead.   Winston Moxam was 47 years old when he passed away in Winnipeg last week from what are reported to be complications following heart surgery.  A College official says Moxam graduated from the Film Production Course here in 1989.  He is considered best known for his feature indie flick, Barbara James in 2003.

First Nations Child Welfare summit underway

Aboriginal Child Welfare is being discussed at a Fort William First Nation summit.  Children's Minister Laurel Broten was in town and says this is a great opportunity to make important decisions for Child Welfare services across Ontario.  Aboriginal children account for 3 percent of the province's child population but 17 percent of children in the welfare system.

Thunder Bay runs in Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is in full swing today with 7 Thunder Bay runners taking part in the field of 27, 000. This is the 115th annual Boston Marathon. Runners from Thunder Bay include Karla Bailey, Christine L. Bociurko, Stuart J. Brimmell, Ryan McDonald, Susan McDonald, Shaun W. Naroski, Rena Viehbeck.

Bishop disappointed over advance polls

The Catholic Bishop of Thunder Bay is disappointed that the advance polls for the federal election are being held on Good Friday and the Easter weekend. Bishop Fred Colli says it has the potential to interfere with religious celebrations. He says it mixes up a holy weekend with election issues. Bishop Colli says as a result of the move, he instructed churches in the Diocese not to allow church property to be used as advance polling locations.