Monday, September 26, 2011

Hay talks about master fire plan

Thunder Bay's Fire Chief updated Council and the public about some of the upcoming issues facing the department.  Chief John Hay says they will be consulting the public about the possibility of relocating the Brown Street Station to the area of Neebing Avenue and Rosslyn Road. Other priorities include increasing staff levels and rebuilding the Neebing Fire Station. The Chief's speech was a first report and the master fire plan will be examined more closely in November.

Thunder Bay Atikokan Candidates slug it out

The three main party candidates duked it out at the Community Auditorium.  All three candidates lobbed a number of barba at each other over a number of topics.  Incumbent Liberal MPP Bill Mauro was the most vocal, attacking his opposition over a number of issues, including the Ring of Fire development, roads, taxes and transparency.  PC Candidate Fred Gilbert lobbed a number of bombs at Mauro over, hydro rates, the green energy act, and debt servicing levels.  NDP Candidate Mary Kozorys remained relatively silent but did attack Mauro over unemployment levels and spoke up over funding levels for long term care beds in North Western Ontario.

Council approves rebate program for seniors

Good news for low income seniors. City Council has approved a 100 dollar rebate program for seniors tax and water bills. Councillor Iain Angus says the program will help protect our vulnerable population. Angus notes it's a lot cheaper to have seniors stay in their own homes than move into a home. Over 200 thousand dollars is being put towards the rebate program. Eligable seniors would receive 100 dollar rebate for their tax and water bill.

Crime plan comes to Council

Thunder Bay's Crime Prevention Council is working on implementing some of the strategies in their prevention plan.  Chair Wendy Landry admits it's not a cure all.  Speaking at last night's City Council meeting, Acting Crime Prevention Co-ordinator Sheila Hendrick says they've already started to work towards some of their goals.  Hendrick says part of her job will be to ensure the plan is implemented.

BISNO talks concussions

Brain Injury Services of Northern Ontario wants the public to be better educated about concussions.  That's why they brought in Dr. Charles Tator to speak at their conference this week.  Tator feels the general public need to learn more about the signs of a concussion.

Drug bust in Terrace Bay

Twenty two thousand dollars worth of marijuana is off the streets after grow op was busted in Terrace Bay.  Officers arrested a 44 year old man after searching a house in Terrace Bay and found the grow op. 

Council looking for answers from candidates

City Council is sending a letter of questions to all the candidates in the upcoming provincial election.  Mayor Keith Hobbs says council wants to hear what the candidates think on a number of issue and has sent out a letter.  Hobbs says the biggest concern of council is the issue of an industrial hydro rate. 

Waterfront sculpture unveiled

The latest piece of Art destined for the Waterfront is ready to be installed.  "Traveller's Return" by Andy Davies was unveiled recently in Lethbridge, Alberta and Davies says the sculpture is being shipped to Thunder Bay.
The sculpture was selected after a nation wide bidding process.

Debate set to go

The election rhetoric is likely to heat up tonight at the Community Auditorium.  It's the first of two debates for local candidates in the October 6th provincial election.  Tonight it will be the candidates in Thunder Bay-Atikokan squaring off, taking questions from the media panel which includes our Vic Krasowski along with questions from the audience.   It begins at 7 o'clock

Police officers remember the fallen

John Kuznier's police hat
Police officers in Thunder Bay are part of a Canada wide contingent that marched yesterday to remember fallen comrades. City Police Chief J. P. Levesque says the parade commemorated the 3 officers who died in Canada over the last year.  The annual event is also a chance to pay tribute to John Kuznier the only city officer to die in the line of duty.

McDonald's honours scholarship winner

Another local McDonald's employee is basking in the glow of a 10 thousand dollar scholarship from the company.   Adena Goral is a nursing student at Lakehead University who was formally presented with the scholarship on Saturday at the Arthur Street restaurant.

Mayor impressed with debate

Mayor Keith Hobbs was impressed with the answers from both party leaders at the Northern Ontario Leaders Debate. Hobbs says despite the no-show from the Premier a good discussion was had. All three leaders will take place in a televised debate this week in Toronto.

United Way researches youth

The United Way wants to help local youth meet their potential. That's why they launched a research report asking youth what they want to see changed. Spokesperson Sandra Albertson says the findings will be used by the City's Youth Strategy Committee. The report points out youth need activities in their community hubs since they can't afford bus passes.

Council listens to project manager

City Council is going to hear about the mining potential in the area. John Mason is the City's Mining Services Project Manager and says he's been busy over the past four months. Mason says he would like to see a trade show brought to the city this winter to generate business in Thunder Bay. The Economic Development Commission hired Mason back in June.