Thursday, August 16, 2012

OCSA Lauds City Tobacco Stand

Thunder Bay City Council is getting props for its stand on the issue of contraband tobacco.  The Ontario Convenience Stores Association is pleased council has voted to support the association's fight against the sale of such products.  It also applauds the District Health Unit and its ad campaign against illegal cigarettes.

More Ceremony On Visiting Frigate

There's more pomp happening on board the visiting frigate HMCS Ville de Quebec Friday.  There will be a medal ceremony taking place in the morning starting at 10.   Five Queen's Diamond Jubilee and nine Exemplary Service Medals will be presented to Thunder Bay residents.   Today there was a Canadian citizenship ceremony on board the ship.

Cougars No Stranger To The Northwest

A wildlife expert at Lakehead University says it wouldn't surprise him if it turned out if there was a cougar in the city. Don Barnes says the big cat has been spotted in Northwestern Ontario from Kenora to Thunder Bay for many years. He recalls a thesis one student did on the cougar sightings in Northwestern Ontario. Barnes says because the Ministry of Natural Resources has such strict guidelines to prove a sighting, they are never confirmed.

Peterson Applauds Sault Move

The co-chair of the city's Disaster Relief Committee is hoping it catches on. Lynn Peterson is reacting to the decision by the city council in Sault Ste. Marie to donate 75 hundred dollars to our disaster relief. Peterson calls it wonderful news for the community.  She says it shows that other communities in the north recognize that it's a disaster could have just as easily happened in their own city. Peterson says the request for donations went out to many municipal councils in the province.

True Grit Tees Off For Disaster Relief

The first major fundraising event for the city's Disaster Relief Fund is aiming to raise 300 thousand dollars to help victims of the May 28th flood.  It's a golf tournament being organized by  True Grit Consulting and takes place at Whitewater September 13th.   It also includes an auction of a Fiat sports car.

New Digs For Cancer Care Operations

Cancer Care Ontario's research presence in Thunder Bay is growing.  Vice President Rick Skinner says they have doubled the number of their software developers after being able to snap up some teckies from the now defunct Tornado Medical Systems and move into their former office space in the Whelan Building

Injured Bear Still In City

An injured bear is still making its way through the city. A bear with an injured foot, apparently only using three legs to walk, was spotted this morning at 7:40 a.m. on Golf Links Road near Cascade Crescent. Reports of wild animals including what could be a cougar or a lynx have been dominating police phones throughout the week. Numerous calls of nuissance bears were reported overnight behind the police station on Balmoral and Central. Other locations where witnesses saw bears included Hutton Park at the end of Valley Street, Dawson Road, Dragon Hills Golf Course and in Oliver-Paipoonge.

Police Association AGM

The Thunder Bay Police Association is playing host for the fifth time to the Ontario Police Association's Annual General Meeting. City Police Association President Greg Stephenson says it's a good chance to catch up with fellow members from across the province. Stephenson says 150 delegates from across Ontario are here in attendance for the meetings which wrap-up tomorrow.

Frigate Serves As Ceremony Venue

A new crop of Canadian citizens are ready to take on the world after they were sworn in at a ceremony in Thunder Bay on board the visiting frigate HMCS Ville de Quebec. Senior Citizenship Judge George Springate says having a battleship as a backdrop is just a way to take advantage of opportunities. He calls it Canada at its best. A total of 46 people from 22 different countries took the oath of citizen in the ceremony

Multiple Bear Sightings Overnight

Police are getting a high number of calls about wild animals roaming the city. Most of them are bear calls and police say no new confirmed large cat sightings have been made since supper time on Tuesday. Last night police received numerous calls about bears in the city and on the outskirts. Inside the city, calls came in about a bear behind the police station on Balmoral and Central and at Baseball Central. Other reports came in about bears at Dragon Hills Golf Course, on Dawson Road, Hutton Park at the end of Valley and in Oliver-Paipoonge. Police are continuing to ask for the public's assistance in reporting any wild animal sighting and to exercise caution.