Saturday, June 2, 2012

Still No Answers To Plant Flooding

While the city is making progress getting its crippled sewage treatment plant up and running, there is still one big mystery. Spokesperson Darrell Matson says they still don't know how flood waters managed to make it into the plant...but they are hoping some get some answers shortly. Meantime the city is still asking residents of Thunder Bay to conserve water

Raw Emotions Show At Public Meeting

There is still mass frustration and desperation from the victims in the East End who have been hit by basement flooding. About 600 people showed up at the Slovak Legion for a public meeting put on by the city and the emotions showed. Some felt helpless and cried as they explained the trials they were going through.  Others at the meeting felt the city was too slow to act

Public Meeting For Flood Victims At Slovak Legion Sat. June 2, 2012

Audio improves at 19:03