Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fire hits East End home

No one is injured following a fire at a two storey house on 526 McIntosh. District chief Joe Grzelewski says it was called in around 5:30 pm Thursday. He says it was a chimney fire in a single family dwelling that started the roof ablaze. Most of the damage is confined to the exterior of the home. The cause is under investigation.

Gravelle says budget addresses key northern concerns

Northern Development minister Michael Gravelle says the budget is great for our part of the province. He says it addresses key northern hydro concerns. Gravelle says he's especially pleased he could get the governments attention focused on the Ring of Fire chromite deposit near James Bay. Gravelle also points to the extra 10 million dollars poured into the Northern Heritage Fund to increase its budget to 90 million dollars.

Mauro points to benefits to north in budget

Thunder Bay MPP Bill Mauro is pumped about the provincial budget. He calls a great for northerners. He's especially happy two areas regarding higher engery costs have been addressed. 150 (m) million dollar a year program to reduce electricity prices by 25 per cent for large industrial users in the north and a new northern Ontario energy credit of up to 200-dollars for low-to middle-income families; singles would get up to 130-dollars. The government also announced 45 million dollars towards development of the Ring of Fire chromite deposit near James Bay

3Rs explained

Industry and government workers are being educated about reducing, reusing and recycling. The province will soon begin enforcing its recycling rules. Speaking in Thunder Bay, provincial inspector Thomas Hansen says his team of 10 will not be heavy handed to begin with and will not threaten violators will penatlies.  Maximum fines for repeat offenders could be 100 thousand dollars a day.

Prostate Man recruitment in full swing

The search for a new Prostate Man is going to the Cavendish Cup. Regional Cancer Care has set up a booth at the Fort William Curling Cup. It will stay up into the weekend during the university hockey championship. The job has been vacant since Ron Hell retired from the post recently. As part of the recuitment people will be able to have their picture taken as the spokesperson prostate cancer awarness in the city.

Health Sciences Centre coping with isotope shortage

There's no risk for cancer patients today in Thunder Bay as the result of a world wide isotope shortage. Regional Cancer Care V-P Michael Power says they are coping for now, but the future seems less certain. Right now the most urgent patients are getting the attention. Power says non urgent patients are being rescheduled. Power admits though, the future is less certain unless isotope levels can come back to what they were three years ago.

Hobbs takes the plunge

Keith Hobbs has made it official. He is running for mayor in the upcoming municipal election. Hobbs has been with the city police service for over 30 years. He believes running for mayor makes more sense than for councillor.  Hobbs says he plans to release his election platform over the next several months.

Top Hat ceremony kicks of shipping season

The first vessel of the shipping season has landed in Thunder Bay. The Saginaw arrived last night and is taking a shipment of Canola to Windsor. Captain Colin Lozon took part in the traditional top hat ceremony, for being the first captain to visit the city. The Port Authorities Guy Jarvis says getting an early start will give the port a boost. Jarvis says he expects a solid shipping season this year, with increases in grains and more shipments for the Oilsands.

TBaytel and Rogers wireless partners

TBaytel and Rogers Communications are joining forces to improve wireless coverage in the Northwest. TBaytel will now be adding the Rogers 3G capabilities across their territory. The partnership means Rogers customers will have coverage where ever TBaytel does.   President Don Campbell says the customers are the big winners.  Campbell says Rogers consumers will now be on equal footing with those of TBaytel.

Border Cats sign more returning players

The Thunder Bay Border Cats are announcing the return of two more players from the 2009 roster with the signing of outfielder Garret Houts and first baseman Curtis Wagner. In addition, the Cats have signed outfielder Brad Felder for the 2010 Northwoods League season.