Friday, December 7, 2012

Greenspace Protection Wanted

A petition is being presented to city council Monday night which asks the city for its help in protecting some greenspace next to the Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital. The petitioners are concerned that without any zoning protection the area might fall prey to development

Local Food Project Funding Recommended

City administration is recommending adding 100 thousand dollars to the city's budget to help with the distribution and promotion of locally grown food within city institutions.  The money will come from the province's so called Greenbelt fund to help promote such projects across the province.   City Councillors will deal with the issue Monday evening.

Council Considering Loan Forgiveness

City Council is considering forgiving a loan to the local Emergency Services Training Corporation. The money was used to build the group's training facility. However, city staff are suggesting they turn down a request for over 600-thousand dollars to build an indoor gun range. The report will come before council Monday night.

Tories Eye Kenora-Rainy River

Progressive Conservatives intend to focus a lot of attention on the Kenora-Rainy River riding in the next election. The riding has been an NDP stronghold for many years, but MPP Garfield Dunlop believes there's enough support out there for the Tories to grab. Dunlop was in the Fort Frances area to talk to area leaders about ways to get more young people interested in the trades.

Company To Ask For City Support

A new company is asking for city support. Digestic Corp. plans to use food waste from local restaurants and grocery stores to generate renewable green energy. They want to take the waste directly from the businesses and throw it in their digester bypassing the landfill. A letter of support from the city could be used to help the company with its application to the Provincial Government's renewable energy program.

High School Teachers Plan Monday Sanctions

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation is starting new job sanctions today. High School teachers will arrive 15 minutes before the work day and leave immediately after class ends.Local OSSTF President Paul Caccamo says they'll also cut out any after school activities.Caccamo says they hope the job action sends a message to Education Minister Laurel Broten.

No Strike Date For Local Teachers

There is still no date set for a one day strike by local public elementary school teachers. The school board's Director of Education Cathi Siemieiuk says so far the teachers union hasn't given 72 hours noticed, but she says that could change anytime, even on the weekend. Siemieiuk says when there is a strike, all public elementary schools will be closed.

Wawa Gets Help

The Provincial Government is helping Wawa rebuild and recover from its recent flood damage. The province has committed nearly 7 million dollars to help the community.  3.5 million dollars will be available under the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program for emergency costs and essential infrastructure repairs. Another 3 million is going towards replacing a bridge repairing Highway 17.  Residents and small businesses that lost property in the flood are eligible to apply for assistance as well.

2 Million Already Raised For DFC Residence

Fundraising efforts for a new student residence at Dennis Franklin Cromarty school aren't even a week old and already 2.1 million dollars has been collected. Tom Kamenawatamin of the Wasaya Group says mining companies are going to be one source in reaching their 15 million dollar objective. One has already come through with KWG Resources contributing 2 million dollars.  Fundraising will kick into full gear in the new year once a business plan is addressed.

Frazee Released

The Lakehead University Thunderwolves men's hockey team have released their leading scorer Thomas Frazee. There is no clear cut reason for Frazee's immediate release other than Lakehead’s Athletic Director Tom Warden said “We feel that this decision is in the best interest of our hockey team.” Frazee had 7 goals and 15 assists and was 7th in O.U.A. scoring after 16 conference games in the first half.