Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New MJLB Library unveiled

The wraps are now off the drawings for the new Mary J-L Black Library. It will be located next to the West Thunder Community Centre. Chief Librarian Gina La Force says the 92 hundred square foot facility will be spread out over 1 floor instead of two at the current location.  She says there will also be lots of windows to give it a bright feel.   La Force says the budget for the new library is 4.1 million dollars. Tenders are expected to go out shortly with completion set for this time next year.

Molesti video hearing set for Wednesday

A 56 year old American man has a detention hearing set for Wednesday at the District Jail. 56 year old Patrick Molesti was picked up by city police last week at the request of Canada Border Services. American officials want him in connection with a plot to buy a 5 year old boy on the internet. Services spokesperson Chris Kealey says the hearing is to determine whether he should remain in jail.  Kealey says Molesti will participate in via video conference with an Immigration and Refugee board adjudicator located in Toronto.   Another hearing has yet to be set on when Molesti will be sent back to the States.

Cops for Cancer set to go

The 14th annual Cops for Cancer fundraiser is set for May 8th at the Intercity Mall. That's where people get their head shaved and raise money in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. Organizer Dana Levanto says they are looking for volunteers.   The goal is 30 thousand dollars.  Pictured: Constable Barry Ritch watching his son Jarvis get shaved by Shear Heaven stylist Rachel Parenteau with help from owner Aldo Ruberto.

Online voting decision in April

The decision on internet voting could be weeks away.  Friday is the deadline for companies who want to submit proposals to change the way we vote during city elections. City Clerk John Hannam says that includes a new ballot counting machine and a proposal for remote voting which could mean voting on the internet, by phone or by mail.  He says those proposals will be evaluated and on April 26th he  will report back to council on possible recommendations.  The idea is to increase voter turnout.

Proposal for smaller council shot down

Councillor Larry Heberts' proposal for a smaller council is dead in the water...at least for now. Councillors voted down his idea to reduce the size of council from 12 members to 8. But Hebert says all is not lost. He says councillors suggested that the idea be brought up after the new council is elected.  He says in that way a citizens committee can be formed to look how council is elected.  Hebert is satisfied that he drew attention to the issue.

Chamber prez wants more input on wage rate

The President of the Chamber of Commerce is stopping short of condemning Wednesday's minimum wage increase in the province. Harold Wilson says he'd like to see the government allow more input before setting the rate.   That would include taking into account the economic issues are at any given time.  He'd like to see it planned out as opposed to be dictated by the province.  As of Wednesday the minimum wage in the province will be $10.25 an hour.

Arena proposal going to the public

The next stage in getting a new arena for the city takes place shortly. City councillors have given the green light for public consultation sessions on the proposal for a new multi purpose event centre. City Manager Tim Commisso says because the plan is in such an early stage this will be the best opportunity for you to express an opinion either for or against such a proposal.   No dates have been set for any of the sessions.

Thunder Bay Police arrest a 28 year old man in connection with hit and run

A suspect has been arrested in connection with last Wednesday's Hit and Run that left one man in hospital with serious head injuries. Steven Jamie Torkkeli of Thunder Bay is charged with failing to stop at an accident, reckless driving causing bodily harm and obstructing a police officer. The 28 year old was arrested yesterday afternoon and a 2003 Ford 150 was also seized at his North Hill Street residence. Richard Piekarczyk-Vacca of suffered severe head injuries in the collision and remains in hospital. The member of the Canadian armed forces was in Thunder Bay visiting his girlfriend.