Thursday, January 5, 2012

January thaw set for Friday

It looks like we could break a weather record in the city Friday. Meteorologist Peter Kimbell says it will feel more like spring than winter with the temperature forecast to hit plus 4.  He says the old record for January 6th is 3.9 set in 1949 and that we have a good chance at beating that. Kimbell says the temperatures won't be as warm on the weekend.

Thunder Bay not part of Target's initial launch

Thunder Bay is not mentioned as one of the first 24 Zellers stores in Ontario to be converted to Target locations. The American mega-retailer has released a list of the locations that will become Target stores next year. It recently purchased almost 200 stores that are currently being operated by Zellers, with plans to open about 130 Target stores across Canada including the Intercity Shopping Centre location..

Attawapiskat housing update

Attawapiskat is laying the blame on the Federal Government.  They claim they won't be able to make its January payroll unless the federal government shows more flexibility.  The regional council says Ottawa has seized control of $1.5 million meant for essential services such as education.  Chief Theresa Spence officially requested that a government-appointed, third-party manager release the money so that she could ensure services and operations continue uninterrupted.  But she says she was rebuffed.

Seven figure job to fix the Saginaw

It'll be at least a "seven figure" job to repair the broken boom on the ship MV Saginaw.   It remains docked at Thunder Bay Terminals until it can be fixed.   The ship's owner is Lower Lakes Towing.  President Scott Bravener says they're investigating the cause,  which appears to have been a cable failure.  Bravener says the cable was installed on the ship just days before the incident.

Rick Hansen Relay Sunday

Thunder Bay is gearing up to play host to the Rick Hansen Relay this Sunday.  Spokesperson Doug Henry says everyone will have a chance to see the medal.  Formal festivities start at the Community Auditorium at 2 on Sunday.