Thursday, March 10, 2011

Local beekeeper calls world situation a crisis

A Thunder Bay beekeeper is applauding a move by the United Nations to restore world bee habitats. The world agency is urging governments to offer incentives to farmers.   Barry Tabor, the vice-president of the Beekeepers Association agrees it's no less than a crisis.  He says we can't lose honey and native bees because they pollinate a third of our crops.  Tabor says Thunder Bay remains fortunate that bees here have not been hit with diseases or mites

No rescue required

It's not only dangerous, but it's illegal to walk on harbour ice.  But don't tell that to a couple of people who were spotted there Thursday afternoon.   Fire officials had their hovercraft out at the marina to find the people, but by the time they arrived there they were nowhere to be found.

Mob expert says locals are breaking no law

It's not likely the 7 people from Thunder Bay reported to be named in an Italian warrant will ever be extradited to Italy. Antonio Nicaso, a Mafia expert, says while the men may be accused by the Italians of alleged association to the ‘Ndrangheta, they aren't breaking the law in Canada.  That's because he says being associated with the Mafia is not something that is recognized in our criminal code. Nicaso says the only way they would ever be arrested is if they go to Italy

Strategic plan gets Johnson's support

One city councillor is saying it's about time. Rebecca Johnson says she's happy there is now a 10 to 20 year strategic plan in the works for the city. Johnson says it's the first time that she can remember than such a plan has been contemplated. She believes it's much better than lurching from term to term.  The public will have it's say on the plan at open houses next month.

Merger may not happen says local expert

The proposed merger of the Toronto and London Stock exchanges is getting a rough ride. Several Canadian banks have come out against the idea. That doesn't bode well for the marriage according to Thunder Bay investment expert Blake Cameron. He says with 4 of the big banks likely to oppose the deal, it will decrease the likelihood the whole deal will go through. Cameron says a possible federal election may also play into the deal being nixed

Rotary back with house lottery

The Rotary Club is back with it's annual house lottery. Organizer Gordie Garriock  says like always thousands of dollars will be doled out to local charities.This year the home being offered is worth 350 thousand dollars and is located in Sherwood Estates

Local man joins class action suit

Students who attended a government run school for the blind 50 years ago are now speaking out. They're launching a 225 million dollar lawsuit claiming abuse. One of the names on that statement of claim is Thunder Bay's Robert Seed.  He says the abuse suffered by the students was similar to what was suffered by in the native residential schools.  None of the claims have been proven in court

Rafferty's bill passes 2nd reading

Another hurdle has been passed for John Rafferty's workers severance termination bill.  It passed second reading in the house of commons by a 164-119 margin.  The Bill will protect severance and termination pay in the case of a company bankruptcy.

House fire on highway

A portion of Highway 11/17 was reduced to one lane after a house being moved on a transport truck caught fire.  Crews from the Conmee Station along with MTO crews dealt with the blaze that happened last night about 2 kilometres east of highway 102.  No one was hurt.