Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh Deer! Heated discussion at meeting on population

Let's put the deer on the pill. That was one of the ideas brought up at a meeting about the City's deer population Thursday night.  Mapleward Road Resident Cheryl Bak mentioned that Quebec is managing their deer by putting out birth control laced salt licks.  Other residents were in favour of the bow hunting in rural areas idea, and noted the deer are bringing wolves into residential areas.  City Council will discuss what to do with the deer population at it's November 21st meeting.

Construction work update

Expect some close quarters when you use the Red River, Expressway intersection this weekend. The Ministry of Transportation says the number of lanes will be reduced as crews work to finish paving.

Matawa Chiefs withdraw support for ROF

Matawa Chiefs have had enough, and they're withdrawing their support for the Ring of Fire.  The Chiefs are calling on the Premier and Prime Minister to intervene in the Environmental Assessment Process.  The Chiefs still want a joint review panel rather than the current process.

Bag Ban Repealed

The plastic bag ban has been "bagged" in Sioux Lookout.  Council has voted 5-1 in favour of rescinding a bylaw that bans the distribution of plastic bags.  Mayor Dennis Leney says opposition to the bylaw was considerable.  Last September, the outgoing Council decided that Sioux Lookout would become the first Municipality in Ontario to ban the use of plastic bags.

Bartolucci back as Northern Development Minister

Minister of Northern Development and Mines Rick Bartolucci is insisting his party cares for First Nations. He's rebuking claims from the Nishnawbe Aski Nation that they don't because of a lack of a stand alone Aboriginal Affairs Ministry. Bartolucci is vowing to foster a good relationship with NAN on mining issues.

Gravelle and Bartolucci talk

Rick Bartolucci and Michael Gravelle aren't wasting any time.  They've already got down to business; Gravelle says he's been talking to Bartolucci about the Cliff's Chromite Processing Plant.  Gravelle says he will now be able to lobby more for his riding.  Gravelle is now the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, while Bartolucci is back as Northern Development and Mines Minister.

OFAH likes Gravelle

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters is applauding the appointment of Michael Gravelle to the Natural Resources portfolio. Spokesperson Lezlie Goodwin says they look forward to bringing up their concerns to him. Gravelle will also remain as the Minister of Forestry.

NAN wants stand alone Ministry

The Grand Chief of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation isn't happy with the new provincial cabinet.  Stan Beardy says there needs to be a stand alone agency for First Nations.  Kathleen Wynne is now the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Housing, and Aboriginal Affairs.

New scholarship at LU

Lakehead University is launching a new 12-thousand dollar scholarship.  Recruiter Robert Perrier says the citizenship scholarship will help retain Northwestern Ontario students.  The eligible student must take part in their community and have an 85 percent average.

Trans Gender Health Training for NWO

Northwestern Ontario physicians will be receiving training from Toronto on trans gender health issues. NorWest Community Health Centre Executive Director Wendy Talbot says they're teaming up with Rainbow Health Ontario.  The training will take place at the end of October and again in the middle of November.

New Diabetes Centre Open

Diabetes patients in the City will have better access to care now that a new facility is open.  The Diabetes Health office will act as an insulin pump training centre.  The new location has a telemedicine room to provide regional consultations.

2nd Mac's Mart robbery suspect has been arrested

Thunder Bay police have made a second arrest in relation to recent Mac's Mart robberies.  Officials say a 24 year old man was arrested today after police arrested 25 year old Darcy Belmore yesterday.  The name of the latest suspect won't be released until his court appearance tomorrow.

Gadahfi death an enormous victory: LU prof

There is celebration in the streets of Tripoli after Libya's Prime Minister announced the death of former leader Moammar Gadhafi. Reports say he was shot in Sirte. Lakehead University political science expert Laure Paquette calls it another big victory for the rebels and means the focus can be on hunting down Gadhafi's sons.  Paquette also calls it a victory for Prime Minister Harper and other NATO leaders.

Thunder Bay 45th most entrepreneurial friendly city in Canada

The Mayor is happy with a 45th place ranking in terms of Thunder Bay's attractiveness in bringing in Entrepreneurs.  Keith Hobbs says the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses latest list of the top Entrepreneurial cities in Canada shows we are on the right track.  Hobbs says when you look at the list most of the top cities are in Alberta or Saskatchewan and as far as Ontario is concerned we finished 4th.  Hobbs says we are in a perfect position to climb the list with the help of a boom in the mining industry here.

Arrest made in Mac's robberies

City police are confirming they've made an arrest in connection with three recent Mac's Convenience Store robberies. They say 25 year old Darcy Belmore of Thunder Bay, has been charged with 3 counts of robbery. Detective Sgt.Don Lewis says there's still one more person they want in connection with the case. Lewis attributes the arrest to old fashion police work.

Tidy Trays taking off

A Thunder Bay entrepreneur is seeing his dream come true.  Dan Cheal is the inventor of Tidy Trays, a reusable high chair tray cover.  Cheal says the major American retailer, Walgreens, will be stocking his product in all it's 81 hundred stores in the States.

Gravelle looks at a change

Thunder Bay's Michael Gravelle is  going to stay in cabinet but in a different role.   Premier Dalton McGuinty will officially name his cabinet today and it will  include 22 ministers down from 28. Gravelle gives up his Northern Development position to Rick Bartolucci while taking on Natural Resources and keeping the Forestry post.