Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Health Unit says protect yourself from the smoke

With smoke from forest fires now reaching Thunder Bay, the District Health Unit has some warnings. Spokesperson Abby Mackie says it shouldn't be taken lightly and that people most at risk should protect themselves. He says those include children, seniors and those with breathing difficulties. Mackie suggests staying indoors as much as possible and avoiding any necessary outdoor physical activity.

Boshcoff has traffic light concerns

There's nothing that can spark a debate in Thunder Bay like the number of traffic lights. Councillor Ken Boshcoff thinks we have too many and wonders if we've been removing any that aren't needed and if there are any plans to reduce the number of traffic signals. City engineer Pat Mauro says it comes under review every few years.

PWT General Manager defends service

The general manager of Pacific Western Transportation is disputing claims his company is receiving funding at this time from the Ontario government to drive people to out of town medical appointments.    Dean Wright adds, the company's new travel option is not designed to replace any existing services.   Last week the president of Caribou Coach in Thunder Bay said a subsidized service has the potential to take away one third of his business in Northwestern Ontario.

City hosting evacuees and more

Thunder Bay is playing host to almost 300 forest fire evacuees from Sandy Lake this week and there could be more. Fire Chief John Hay says we have been designated as a transportation hub with the potential of moving up to 1 thousand people to other centres.  Hay hopes other communities step up to the plate and offer to host some of the evacuees.

Burning permits suspended

The hot and dry conditions are causing concern for the Thunder Bay Fire and Rescue Service.   It's forced officials to suspend all burning permits within the city citing unusually dry conditions.  They say the suspension won't be lifted until that improves

MNR dealing with 90 wildfires

Heavy smoke laying over the entire Northwest is hindering firefighting efforts for the Ministry of Natural Resources.  Information Officer Debbie MacLean says crews are battling over 90-wildfires.  117-aircraft, 14-waterbombers, 80-helicopters and 16-transport aircraft are trying to fight through the smoke to battle the fires.  Two fires of note are Sioux Lookout Fire number 70 which has grown to over 87-thousand hectares in size and is now burning 1-kilometre away from the Mussewhite Mine.  Sioux Lookout Fire number 60 is also 14-thousand hectares in size and is burning southwest of the Mine.  Firefighters continue to try and protect the mine site.

South Side Laundromat Robbed

Thunder Bay Police are investigating a south side robbery of a Laundromat.  Police say a man walked into Barb's Laundromat on May street and threatened to shoot the employee.  He then took all the cash from the register and a quantity of cigarettes before fleeing on foot.  Police found a 39 year old man and a 32 year old woman in the area with cigarettes and money taken during the robbery.  Both have been charged with robbery.

Robbery at Riley's Sports Tavern

Someone robbed a south side bar last night.  Police are investigating after a male entered Riley's Sports Tavern and demanded cash from the bartender.  Police searched for the man but couldn't find him.  He's described as a young person about 6 feet tall with a bad complexion.

Police investigate arson

Thunder Bay Police are investigating a case of arson in Fort William.  A North Franklin Street home owner awoke last night to popping noises outside and found their van and truck were on fire.  Both vehicles are totally destroyed. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers.