Sunday, February 27, 2011

City Council divided on need for parks consultant

City parks might be getting a $100,000 check-up from a consultant.

The consultant would take a close look at structures and sports fields in city parks to determine their long-term maintenance needs. The data could then be used by the city to develop a long-term strategy. 

Some members of council would like the city to do the research internally without money being spent to hire outside help.

City Manager Tim Commisso says a consultant is needed because the city doesn't have the resources to do an in-depth study.

Council is waiting for a report on the plan before making a final decision.

Zuback and Makela reflect on gold medal game

Thunder Bay's Brittany Zuback and Amanda Makela are heartbroken after their Team Ontario loss at the Canada Winter Games in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  They are members of the women's hockey team that dropped the gold medal game 3-2 to Alberta.   Both of them spoke after the game.

Brittany Zuback

Amanda Makela