Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Citizen's arrest attempt

A local man got more than he bargained for when he tried to make a citizen's arrest last night on East Empire Street. The 22 year old chased two people after he saw them break into his truck. He caught up to one of them--a teenage girl--but quickly backed off when her male accomplice pulled out a knife. The two suspects then ran into a laneway. The K-9 unit was called into to track the pair; no arrests have been made. Thunder Bay Police say making a citizens arrest can be risky and that it's often better to call 911 and just keep an eye on the suspects.

Operation Red Nose wraps up

Operation Red Nose has wrapped up for the year. While the exact numbers are still being calculated, Honourary Chair Ken Boschcoff calls this year's program a success. He says there was an increase in sponsorships, volunteers, kilometers traveled and rides given. Boshcoff says he hopes community groups consider partnering with the program next year to help offer more rides and expand the service. The program currently isn't able to run on New Year's Eve. However, Boshcoff says it's only the second year for the program and New Year's Eve service is something they'd like to offer in the future once more volunteer support is in place.

Future health pros look to work here

It appears local students studying in the health profession want to work in Thunder Bay. Many of them were at a city reception held just for them. A common theme appeared to be the desire of many students there to find work at home after their studies are complete. It was the 10th annual affair

Hunt continues for robbery suspect

Police are still looking for  the person responsible for Tuesday's robbery at Jenzen's Pharmacy in Westfort.  They say A man wearing a mask and armed with a knife and syringe, entered the store and demanded oxy's and morphine.  He ran off and hasn't been seen since.

Surveillance cam follows drunk driver

City police have a man in the cells this morning who gave them a bit of a video show overnight.   They say the man was spotted on the Eye on the Street surveillance system getting out of a south side bar drunk and getting in his vehicle.  Officials followed him on video for about 5 minutes as he returned to the bar, relieved himself and was taken into custody.