Sunday, December 9, 2012

Education, Ring Of Fire & Economic Development

Ontario Liberal Leadership Debate candidates are addressing the elephant in the room.  Education came up as a topic of discussion at Sunday's debate at Lakehead University and Kathleen Wynne took the time to say the Provincial Government needs to repair their relationship with teachers.  Gerard Kennedy told the audience more needs to be done for Aboriginal students.  Meanwhile Glenn Murray says Northerners need to have a say on employment training decisions. Other topics of discussion included the Ring of Fire and Economic Development in Northern Ontario.

Liberal Leadership Debate Draws Protesters

Wind Farm Activists, Teachers Unions and First Nations are just some of the people who protested at the Ontario Liberal Leadership debate.  Local Secondary School Teachers Federation Vice President Richard Sealey says they wanted to drive home to the candidates that the Provincial Government should respect their right to bargain.  Public Sector Workers spoke to three of the seven candidates about putting an end to privatizing government jobs. Police were posted outside of Lakehead University on Sunday while people rallied outside of the debate at Lakehead University.

ETFO Lakehead to Strike on 12th

ETFO Lakehead teachers and occasional teachers will stage a one-day strike this upcoming Wednesday. Ellen Chambers, the ETFO Lakehead Teacher Local President says they want to send the government a message that Bill 115 is severely impeding local collective bargaining. Chambers says they are striking because there were no negotiations. Both locals will move into a legal strike position tomorrow.