Friday, April 12, 2013

Charity Auction Raises 100 K

The coffers at the Northern Cancer Fund are overflowing after another successful fundraiser.  Organizers says Thursday night's Bachelors of Hope Charity Auction raised 100 thousand dollars.

Feds Dole Out $ For EA Involvement

The Harper government is giving 160 thousand dollars to ten Northwestern Ontario groups. It's to support their participation in the  environmental assessment of the proposed Rainy River Gold Project.  Most of the groups are Aboriginal and the funding will allow them to be involved more effectively in each stage of the process

Applicant Allocation

Big Grassy River First Nation $15,192.50
Métis Nation of Ontario, on behalf of the Métis Nation of Ontario Region #1 Consultation Committee $30,600.00
Naicatchewenin First Nation $30,600.00
Naotkamegwanning First Nation (Whitefish Bay) $26,890.00
Rainy River First Nations $12,677.87
Couchiching First Nation $10,200.00
Mitaanjigamiing First Nation $10,200.00
Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation $10,200.00
Seine River First Nation $9,980.00
Stefan Szeder, on behalf of the Rainy River Soil and Crop Improvement Association $9,840.00


ELA Supporters Protest

Protesters are in front of MPP Michael Gravelle's office demanding the province take over the running of the Experimental Lakes Area, west of Vermilion Bay.   It comes as Kenora MP Greg Rickford confirms secret talks are taking place to have a third party take over the facility from the feds.

CU Merger Complete

It's a done deal now.  Members of the Copperfin Credit Union in Kenora and Superior Credit Union in Thunder Bay have voted in favour of merging.   The newly formed financial institution will officially begin operating under the Copperfin name on May first.

Eco Superior Gets Cash For Food Plan

The Ontario Trilluim Foundation is giving Eco Superior over 200 Thousand Dollars to create a food strategy for the area. The money will let Eco Superior hire a coordinator and develop education materials and a communications plan. The grant will be given over a three year period.

Fletcher Preps For Monday Update

The head of the city's disaster relief committee is preparing to update city councillors Monday night.   Wayne Fletcher hopes to outline when payouts to victims of the May 28th flood can begin flowing,  something he says is still an unknown.   Fletcher says the most frustrating part of the process has been the amount of government red tape he's had to encounter.  As well Fletcher says they will have the total amount of money raised to date, about 1 and a half million dollars, and the total cash eligible for payouts.

Cross Canada Food Ride

Two Lakehead University students will bike ten thousand kilometres across Canada this summer to collect food and money for Canadian food banks. FoodRide will set up 22 food drives across the country, looking to raise $100,000 in food and money. Their journey starts on April 25th in Victoria, British Columbia, and will end September 8th in St. John's, Newfoundland.