Friday, December 30, 2011

Outbreak over at Dawson Court

The stomach flu like illness at Dawson Court is officially over.  The Health Unit has lifted all visiting restrictions.

Council 2012 Budget

City Councillor Linda Rydholm says there are problems with the way services are delivered in Thunder Bay.  Rydholm says they need to see what other communities are doing right.  The budget will come before council in mid-January.

Gravelle on auditor general report

MPP Michael Gravelle says the new year will bring an auditor general report into our air ambulance system. Gravelle says they look forward to hearing the findings.  The report is expected sometime in the near future; MPPs don't head back to work until February.

REACH in 2012

Confederation College's Health and Community Dean is looking forward to expanding their programs in 2012.  Kathleen Lynch says their health care programs have a tie to the region.  The REACH building opened in Thunder Bay in September.