Monday, August 20, 2012

LHIN Launches Online Survey

The local health authority wants your opinion on health care in the region. Laura Kokocinski of the Local Health Integration Network says the organization is launching an online survey to get public feedback for its new three year plan. She says the survey is to validate the information they've collected over the past three years about what's important about health care in the region and what services should be delivered. The survey is available at this LINK

Treed Bear Captured

City police and the Ministry of Natural Resources have now trapped a bear that had been in a tree in the Neebing and Confederation Drive area over the noon hour. They say the animal was hit by a car and then it scurried up the tree. Police say they managed to lure the animal into a cage.

No Injuries In Wild Ride

City police are reporting a wild ride overnight. Police say they were kept busy last night after a driver of a red Jeep reportedly crashed through several yards and laneways before hitting a building located in the 300 Block of Cumberland Street. Just before 9:00 p.m. police received a call about a hit and run that had occurred in the Dawson Road and Red River Road area. The witness stated that a red Jeep had just run through yards almost hitting pedestrians. A few minutes later calls were received from residents in the Stephen Street area about a red Jeep that struck vehicles, fences and property in back yards as it traveled through a laneway in the area. The vehicle finally came to a stop when it struck a building on Cumberland Street. A 38 year old man was taken into custody and has been arrested for drunk driving, refusing to provide a breath sample and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. He was to appear in court this morning.

Hobbs Achieving Objectives At AMO Meetings

Thunder Bay's Mayor says he's achieving his objectives in Ottawa. Keith Hobbs is taking part in the AMO meetings happening there. Hobbs says he's been able to speak about concerns on behalf of council to Energy minister Chris Bentley about the conversion of the Ontario Power Generating Station here in Thunder Bay. He also says the city is receiving high praise for its mining readiness strategy from the Liberals and the P.C. provincial parties. The AMO meetings continue today and will wrap-up tomorrow.

Border Crossing Study

A new report from the Fraser Institute says delays and increased security measures at the border are costing Canadians over $19 billion dollars a year. Co-author Alexander Moens says the newly signed Beyond the Border initiative has the opportunity to reduce some of the inefficiencies. Moens says what they couldn't adequately determine is if we're getting value for that money.

HMCS Ville De Quebec Visit A Success

Final numbers will come in at the end of the week but the visit by the HMCS Ville De Quebec is being deemed a success. Manager of Tourism, Paul Pepe estimates the ship entertained between 8,000 and 9,000 visitors during its stay here in the port of Thunder Bay. Pepe says they will continue to try and attract similar tourist attractions to the waterfront. Pepe says the visit was a win-win for both the city and the crew who made a financial impact on the city.

M.N.R. Sends Support Personnel To B.C.

British Columbia is getting some help from Northern Ontario forest firefighters. 36 Ministry of Natural Resources personnel have been sent to help with their forest fire situation. 8 Fire Ranger crews and incident management staff have been sent to help. Equipment is also on its way to help. The M.N.R. says it can afford to send help with the fire rating low to moderate across the region. There is no word on how long the crews are expected to stay.

Tuition Costs #1 Issue Facing Students

Lakehead University students are gradually making their way back to the city for the start of another school year. Student Union President Emma Brightwell tells us about the primary concern facing students. Brightwell says for some international students it costs them upwards of $12,000 a year to attend L.U.

Fight To Keep E.L.A. Open Continues

The writing may be on the wall for the Experimental Lakes area near Dryden, but that's not stopping one scientist from her campaign to keep the outdoor laboratory open. Diane Orihel says they risk losing valuable research if the ELA is closed. The federal government has flatly refused any suggestions to keep the ELA open and is planning to shut it down at the end of March 2013, if no other agency comes forward to operate it.

Rainy River Tourism Offer

The town of Rainy River is expressing interest in taking ownership of one of Ontario's now closed tourism centres. The centre in Rainy River was among those closed in May as part of cost-saving measures. Mayor Deb Ewald says they've inquired about buying it for a dollar. Ewald says the Province is now considering their offer.