Friday, December 17, 2010

More First Nations bound Oxy's seized

Oxycontin continues to be the drug of choice to smuggle on to First Nations communities in the northwest. Police say that they recently busted 2 women at the Thunder Bay airport with trying to smuggle 268 thousand dollars worth of Oxy's to the Weagamow First Nation. In an unrelated bust 3 people in the city are charged after a raid at a Hargrave Street home. They face drug and weapons related charges.

New officers sworn in

The city police now have five new officers. They've just completed their stint at Ontario Police College and are ready to go according to Deputy Police Chief J-P Levesques.  He says they'll begin in the new year at which time 5 more recruits will be sent to police college and will graduate in March.  He says this is the time to apply for the force since they are seeing a high rate of retirement.

KI to DeBeers-take a hike!

It's a no go for De Beers.  KI First Nation has sent the diamond company a letter saying they can't look for diamonds around their community.  Chief Donny Morris says they're just trying to organize themselves.  De Beers wants to look for diamonds around the community this summer, but Morris says the community won't be ready by that time.

LU hopes for dividends from invention

Researchers at Lakehead University have developed a concrete idea. It's an additive which makes cement stronger. It's partnered with a company called GreenCentre Canada to help get it to market. Spokesperson Rui Resendes says it's got the potential to revolutionize the cement industry.  The additive is now being taken to it's next stage of development in Southern Ontario.

Christmas Cheer is nearing its goal

We're getting close but there still a little ways to go. Christmas Cheer Chair Linda Gambee says the community has made a tremendous push over the last few days and their food donation goal has been met. Gambee says as of this morning they were still 50 thousand dollars short of their 165 thousand dollar goal.

Burned toast results in fire call

Burned toast resulted in Fire and Emergency vehicles swarming a south end condo Friday A.M.   The apartment building across from City Hall had a false alarm triggering crews to respond.

More details surrounding Oliver Paipoonge muder suicide

The situation surrounding Sunday's Murder Suicide continues to unfold this morning.  Reports say Joseph Lavoie was court ordered to stay away from Antoinette following an assault last August.  The court also seized Mr Lavoie's 5 firearms.  The weapon used in the murder was unregistered and at this point it isn't known where the gun came from.  Its also unknown why Antoinette was back living with Joseph prior to Sunday's tragedy. 

Overnight stabbing leaves two in hopsital

A man and a woman are in hospital this morning after being stabbed. City police were called to McGillivary Street around 11 o'clock last night with the reports of a stabbing. Officers arrested a 29 year old man who will appear in court today. The two victims received non life threatening injuries.