Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Local residents voice their concerns on proposed wind park

The message from a special council meeting on the proposed Big Thunder Wind Park is for city council to hold off on making a decision on the location until all public hearings are finished.  A series of deputations were held and many delegates said there is no need to rush a decision. Delegates also asked council to ensure Horizon Wind holds the proper amount of consultation sessions with the public.  Horizon is holding an open house on August 4th at the Community Hall and August 5th at Lakehead Labour Centre.

Loch Lomond Ski area worried about proposed wind turbines

The owner of Loch Lomond ski area is worried the proposed wind farm will hurt his business.  Ward Bond says he's spoken with his insurance company and is worried he might not be able to get liability insurance with turbines located near his operation.  Bond says the turbines could vibrate the ground jeopardizing the safety of their ski lifts.  Bond adds he's not against the turbines he just wants them located in an area that is away from homes and businesses. Bond was part of many deputations on the turbines at a special council meeting Tuesday night.

Decision time for city councillors

There's big city council meeting taking place tonight. It's expected that administration may recommend to council whether to approve or turn down a proposed location for a wind farm on the Nor Wester Mountains.  Councillors will be meeting behind closed doors prior to the 6:30 start.  It's there they will get a chance to discuss the delicate legal issues surrounding any potential decision.

Phone book features Special Olympics

In the immortal words of Steve Martin in The Jerk..."The new phone book is here, the new phone book is here."  TBayTel is distributing the new version to all it's customers over the next week or so.   It features a tribute to the Special Olympics Ontario Games being held in the city in January.

Crime in the 'hood on a map now

City police are now using the internet to inform you about crime in your neighbourhood. Spokesperson Chris Adam says it's called crime mapping and its like a virtual Neighbourhood Watch. He says different types of crime are marked on a Google Map. He says those crimes are the ones they feel the public is most interested in knowing about. That includes crimes of violence, property crime and even traffic accidents. Adams says those crimes are now marked to show exactly where in the city they happened.  The site also allows you to get e-mail alerts about crime in your area.  Here is the link to the crime map.

Search fails to find new Prostate Man

The search for a new Prostate Man is over, and no one will fill the role. The Health Sciences Centre tried to recruit a new man for the volunteer position, but Alison McMullen says they couldn't find the right person. 
Instead health officials are starting a promotion to encourage all men over 50 to be Prostate Man and monitor their own health

No pulp fiction...Terrace Bay Pulp set to re-open

Thunder Bay's Buchanan Forest Products is basking in victory. Creditors have voted in favour of the company's plan for Terrace Bay Pulp paving the way for the mill to re-open in the north shore community. Yves Fricot has been the company pointman in the process and he couldn't be happier. He calls it a great vote of confidence by the creditors who have been affected by some really tough times. The mill could re-open sometime next month.

Former PC MPP Leo Bernier died Monday

Former Tory Cabinet minister Leo Bernier died in Sioux Lookout yesterday. He was first elected to the provincial legistlature in 1966 and spent 21 years in office. The man known as the Emperor of the North was 81.

Two suspicious fires are being investigated

Thunder Bay Firefighters had a busy morning. They first had to deal with a garage fire on Summit Avenue just before 4 o'clock this morning. Then crews also responded to a vehicle fire on Crown Street a short time later. Both fires are under investigation.