Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kiddie porn bust in the city

Police are about to release more information on a child pornography investigation. City police and the OPP say that four arrests have been made in Thunder Bay regarding the possession of kiddie porn. A news conference is taking place Friday afternoon at police headquarters on Balmoral were officials are expected to give out more details

Insurance companies to merge

In the world of business, Thunder Bay Insurance is merging with Gillons Insurance out of Fort Frances. Thunder Bay Insurance General Manager David Baxter says the two companies decided on becoming a bigger independent firm with access to a larger market in Northwestern Ontario.   Baxter says that while there are a couple of early retirements taking place as a result of the merger, overall it has the potential to create jobs.

Anti-flyer petition hits city

A Winnipeg man is in Thunder Bay collecting signatures on a petition he hopes will lead to a law that will help reduce the amount of flyers that come to your mailbox.   Rod Graham says as it stands right now too many flyers make their way to the landfill. Graham says he's taking his anti-flyers crusade across Canada.

North End drug bust

A 29 year old Thunder Bay man is facing several charges after a North End drug bust. He has been charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking and for possession of brass knuckles. Police also seized over 7000 dollars cash.

Abuse victims tell their stories

The male victims of sexual abuse are speaking out . The Thunder Bay Counselling Centre is holding a workshop at the Da Vinci Centre today and Executive Director Nancy Chamberlain says it's for professionals in the community who want to tell their stories. The workshop is being held as part of National Victims of Crime Awareness week.

Council to talk future of golf course again

City Council is talking about the possibility of selling it's Municipal 9 hole golf course. The controversial topic is back up for discussion at Monday night's meeting. Councillor Andrew Foulds says he wants to keep the course. The report on the Municipal golf course recommends closing it after the current season.

Graffiti management plan launched

Starting today if you spot graffiti on your property you can call 211 and report it.  It's part of the City's Graffiti Management Plan.  Acting General Manager of Infrastructure and Operations, Charles Campbell says it's important to get rid of graffiti as soon as possible.  The plan also includes a 50 dollar rebate for homeowners and small businesses to help defray the cost of removing the spray paint.

Target to open next summer

Intercity Mall is going to be home to a future Target store. The new Target store will open in the summer of 2013, and will employ 150 to 200 team members. Hiring for store team members will begin in 2013. The company recently purchased the leasehold interest in the Intercity Shopping Centre site.

Terrace Bay Pulp looks for extension

Terrace Bay Pulp and its Monitor Ernst and Young will be back in court tomorrow. They're requesting an extension on the protection period from creditors. According to documents on Ernst and Young's website, they would like to have it extended to June 15th.

Mayor happy to see action at Global Sticks

There's signs of life at the Global Sticks plant in Oliver Paipoonge. Mayor Lucy Klusterhuis says it's reassuring to see activity at the business. Klusterhuis says the company has worked really hard to bring it back into part time operation.

LUSU challenging board of governors

  Lakehead University's Student Union is taking the school's Board of Governors to court. They're challenging the board's conflict of interest by-laws which they feel remove the rights of student governors to participate in decisions involving tuition fees. LUSU says the Governors are silencing student voices.