Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Plane makes emergency landing in Geraldton

No one was hurt after a twin engine plane made an emergency landing in Geraldton Wednesday afternoon.  Greenstone Mayor Renald Beaulieu says a Thunder Air plane flying from Attiwapiskat to Thunder Bay had one of its engines die during the flight.  Beaulieu wasn't sure but thinks the passengers are band officials from the troubled First Nation coming to Thunder Bay for a meeting with the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs.

Wojak barred for 6 months

It could be 6 months before local man Henry Wojak can speak at Council again.  Wojak was barred after swearing at council in November and his punishment will last 6 months unless he apologizes.  Wojak says council is trying to silence him and says he will apologize for "council's behaviour but that's all." If Wojak apologizes his punishment would be reduced to 3 months.

Councillor looks to feasibility study for multi-plex answers

One city councilor says we'll get more answers about the proposed multi-plex once a feasibility study is done.  Andrew Foulds says we need to know how this facility would be configured.  Foulds says he is looking forward to seeing the results of the study this spring.

Man on the Street: open border

There doesn't appear to be much support for a open border policy with the United States if it means some sacrifices. We asked people in Thunder you agree with an open border in exchange for increased security and a loss of some personal freedoms?

Duncan to meet Chief in Thunder Bay

The Attawapiskat controversy makes it's way to Thunder Bay on Thursday.  That's when Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan will be meeting with the Chief of the James Bay First Nations community Theresa Spence.   The two have been waging a verbal war with each other over the Harper Government's decision for third party management on the reserve.

OPP hope to solve Kenora mystery

More details will be released Thursday in Orillia on an unsolved mystery in Kenora. The investigation centres around human remains found in June of 2009. OPP say a Forensic Artist has enhanced the investigation with facial re-creations. OPP will be seeking further assistance from the public and medical community to identify the individual.

Waboose trashes government over FASD

There's an accusation that the McGuinty Government isn't doing enough about the problem of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Nishnawbe Aski Nation Deputy Grand Chief Terry Waboose says the Province needs to get serious about the problem because his people can't do it on their own.  He says "countless children" born with the disorder "are falling through the cracks because of  Ontario's continued failure to fully address FASD"

Solar farm? No problem

There doesn't seem to be any complaints from residents in Shuniah to a proposed solar farm in the community.  Many people who attended an open house on the proposal were satisfied that the project will not pose a problem.   GTE Solar plans another open house in Thunder Bay today about a separate solar farm in the Dawson and Paquette Road areas.

Mac's store robbed again

There may be added security measures, but that didn't stop someone from robbing another city Mac's Convenience Store.  Police say that the store on North Cumberland was robbed by a man with a knife around midnight and ran off with an undisclosed amount of money.  No one was hurt

Homeowner captures suspect

A 20 year old Webequie man is in police custody after a homeowner on the 500 block of Marks Street captured him after he broke into the house.   Police say the homeowner held on to the culprit until they arrived.  Another suspect got away and police are still looking for him.  The incident happened around 1:30 am

Christmas Cheer busy again today

It's going to be another busy day at the CLE Colliseum Building as Christmas Cheer hampers are given to needy families.  Today it's the south side families that will be picking up their goods, yesterday it was for the north.    The organization still needs 65 thousand dollars to meet this years goal