Monday, August 9, 2010

Police say robberies are similar

City police are wondering whether the same person is responsible for two robberies at the Apple Community Credit Union on North Cumberland Street. The second robbery happened on Friday afternoon, the first on April 29th. Both getaway vehicles were similar in description, a silver or grey minivan, and the robberies took place by one person on a Friday at about the same time of day. Top: surveillance photo from August 6th robbery. Bottom: surveillance photo from April 29th.

Privacy Commissioner to probe health records fiasco

Ontario's Privacy Commissioner has her sights set on the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. Ann Cavoukian has launched a formal investigation into how private health records were found littering the street around the old Port Arthur General Hospital. Covoukian tells our newsroom it's unacceptable.
Covoukian is also upset that her office discovered the matter through media reports. Commission spokesperson Bob Spence says the decision to start the investigation came after gathering some preliminary information from the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. He says the probe will collect evidence to find out what happened, how it happened and the steps needed to make sure it doesn't happen again. Spence can't say how long the investigation may last.

NAN likes Aboriginal Affairs pick

The Nishinawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief has confidence in the new Aboriginal Affairs Minister.  British Columbia MP John Duncan now heads the portfolio.  Stan Beardy says he looks forward to working with him and notes they had a good working relationship with former minister Chuck Strahl.  Duncan was the parliamentary assistant to Strahl.

Hyer on cabinet shuffle

Thunder Bay Superior North MP Bruce Hyer is pleased the Prime Minister removed John Baird from the Transport Ministry. Hyer says Baird didn't really solve any transportation issues and notes Chuck Strahl might do a better job. He would like to see the new minister help bring back passenger rail service to the Northwest. Hyer will be meeting with Strahl in the near future. Baird adds back bencher John Duncan is the sixth minister of Aboriginal Affairs in the last six years.

Credit Union contest awards thousand dollar RESP

The Northern Credit Union wants to know what the region's future looks like.  The credit union is holding a calendar contest where kids and high school students compete for RESP's.  Thunder Bay Manager Susan Olnyk says the winners will receive a thousand dollar RESP, and the runner ups a 500 dollar RESP contribution.  Submissions can be made up to September 22nd.

Peregrine Falcon population rebounds

Nature enthusiasts are encouraged to keep an eye out for peregrine falcons in the Thunder Bay area.
The once engangered species is making a comeback in the Northwestern Ontario.  MNR Spokesperson Lisa Nyman says they want to hear from anyone who spots the birds.  New nest sites were found in the Thunder Bay area.

Dragster deal sealed in Thunder Bay

People driving on the Harbour Expressway near Memorial were treated to the sight of a top fuel dragster this morning. Jim Fersch of Alberta came to Thunder Bay to meet a Quebec man halfway to buy the racer. He says he purchased it over the internet and arranged to meet the seller here to complete the transaction. Fersch says the 945 horsepower vehicle is worth 35 thousand dollars used and about 60 thousand new.

Car hits house in the south side of town

A house in the 100 block of south court street had it's front steps driven into. City police responded to the call at 4pm yesterday afternoon and have charged a 51 year old with impaired driving. The car left the road smashed through a fence and hedge before hitting the front stairs of the house. The driver and the passenger recieved only minor injuries and were released.

Camp Quality helping kids with cancer

Northwestern Ontario's Camp Quality is up and running again this summer on East Loon Lake.  Spokesperson Jeanna Faykes says they're glad they can offer this camp to kids who are living with cancer.  Faykes says they want to thank their volunteers and people who make the camp possible.