Monday, September 23, 2013

Wilson Voted Against Leadership Review

Thunder Bay PC candidate Harold Wilson is giving is boss huge props after this weekend's convention in southern Ontario.  Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak dodged a bullet when the delegates refused to discuss making leadership reviews more frequent, something Wilson is totally against and calls  the current review process  acceptable.   He also is pleased the delegates decided to support the return of the spring bear hunt.

Liberals Flip Flopping Says Horwath

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is accusing the Liberals of flip flopping on the issue of converting the Thunder Bay Generating Station to natural gas.  Horwath is displeased the Energy Minister refused to answer her request for clarification on comments he made suggesting an announcement was on the way for the local plant.  Horwath says she can imagine how frustrating it is for local officials such as the Mayor who are awaiting a decision on the conversion of the plant.

New Fundraiser For St. Joe's

A new fundraiser hopes to raise enough money to create a healing gardens at St. Joseph's Care Group's new Senior Centre of Excellence.  St. Joe's Foundation Spokesperson Katrina O'Neill says the "Dinner At The Opera" fundraiser is being put on by Memory Lane Gardens, a local charitable foundation.  The event on Sunday at the DaVinci Centre is expected to raise up to 10-thousand dollars.

Cliffs Poised For Pullout

A top executive at Cliffs Natural Resources says there is a real danger of the company getting out of the Ring of Fire mining development.   Bill Boor says there's concern over a recent ruling by a government commission against its road proposal for the area. Boor says the company has not set a deadline for a possible pullout, hoping instead there can be a solution worked out.

OHRC & City Talk Human Rights

The Ontario Human Rights Commission is wrapping up a two day training session Tuesday.  During their time in the City the organization tackled current human rights themes including Aboriginal issues, housing, disability and accommodation and gender identity.

Fire Destroys South Side Shed

There is no cause to report from a fire that destroyed a shed  on the city's south side.   A fire official says the blaze took place around 6 o'clock this morning behind a home on Fairview Avenue.  No one was hurt in the incident.  

OPP Busy On The Weekend

Thunder Bay OPP are taking a breather after a busy weekend.  On Friday night, police responded to a vehicle hitting a moose on Highway 61 just north of the Pigeon River border.  The truck killed the moose but shortly after an 89 year old man driving a car also hit the corpse of the moose sending the elderly man to the hospital. On Saturday, police responded to a two vehicle collision on Highway 61 near Chippewa Road. The driver of a Ford truck fled the scene while the driver of a jeep was sent to the hospital for treatment of their injuries.  Meanwhile, OPP are looking for some items that were stolen from a truck in Shuniah.  The truck was stolen from a home on Saturday, police found it in the Silver Harbour Conservation area with several items missing out of it.  A cellphone, camera and wallet were stolen.  Police are also reporting several cottages in the Shuniah area being broken into several TVs and electronic devices were stolen.

Hit And Run Probed

Police are investigating a hit and run accident which took place on Crescent Avenue near the old Sir John A. MacDonald school.   They say that on Saturday night around 11:30 a vehicle slammed into a tree and the driver ran away.   Police could not confirm an eye witness report of a woman wandering at the scene and while they've been in contact with the registered owner of the vehicle there is no further information available.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident

OPP continue to investigate an accident over the weekend that killed a 50-year old Thunder Bay man.  Police were called to Highway 593 in Devon Township south of the city on Saturday night around 10:30 after a passing motorist discovered a male lying in a ditch beside a motorcycle.  It appears the man lost control of his 2002 Kawasaki bike and skidded into the ditch while out for a ride during the afternoon.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.  The victim's name has not been released.  

Food Strategy Update Tonight

The Food Strategy Committee is going to update City Council tonight about what they've been doing since they formed.  Councilor Rebecca Johnson says the committee is in its early stages.  The Food Strategy Committee will look at ensuring local food is served in public institutions such as City Hall, the hospital, and at local schools.

Garbage Meeting On Tuesday

The City is holding another public information session on the future of garbage and recycling in our community.  Spokesperson Jason Scherband says they've narrowed down feedback from previous sessions and will now bring their findings back to the public.  Scherband says key findings include a strong desire to recycle more plastic materials and a curbside composting program.  After Tuesday's public meeting staff will start to prepare a report for City Council in November.

City Council Round Up

City Council is going to review several proposed Tbaytel cell phone towers.  One is in the Limbrick area where residents were concerned about kids playing around the tower.  TBaytel has decided to put a fence around the proposed structure and are now asking the City to send a letter to the Federal Government saying they properly consulted the neighbourhood.  Meanwhile, City Council is going to tackle a number property and planning issues at it's meeting tonight.  The owners of the Thunder Bay Inn wants the City to allow them to divide a piece of their property so they can build a house on it.  The operator of the Thunder Bay Inn would live in the proposed home.