Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Return For The Kakabeka Falls Summer Fair?

The Kakabeka Falls Legion wants to bring back the summer street fair. Legion Secretary Ken Milenko says they have given it a lot of consideration. Milenko adds that support from the community has been felt. The legion is considering holding the entire fair on their property. The event was cancelled last year after no one stepped to help run it.

Occupy Thunder Bay March

Occupy Thunder Bay is rallying today to protest the Harper Government's omnibus bill. Spokesperson Evan Dagg says the group is beginning the march at Waverly Park, it will then be taken to the Faith City Church. Occupy Thunder Bay feels that the massive omnibus bills are passing through legislation with not enough debate.

Geraldton Priest Faces Charges

A Geraldton man is facing three sexual related charges from the OPP's North West Region Crime Unit for incidents claimed to of taken place between 1987 and 1989. 56-year old Roger Pronovost, a catholic priest, was assigned to St. John the Baptist Church in Longlac during the two year span. There is one male victim involved who was a teenager at the time.