Thursday, June 23, 2011

Manslaughter plea in 2010 death

Guilty is the plea as two Thunder Bay women avoided a trial in the death of a Big Trout Lake woman in September of 2010. The woman's body was found in a room at the Arthur Street Travelodge Hotel. Joanna Vivier and Michelle Morris have pleaded guilty to manslaughter and will now be sentenced November 16th when more details of the case are expected to come out

Arson charge laid in weekend fire

The resident of a Pruden Street apartment is charged with setting a fire to his own place. Police spokesperson Chris Adams says it follows an investigation into the blaze which took place over the weekend.  The 53 year old is out of custody and is scheduled for a court appearance next month.

Thunder Bay aims to become "Walkable"

A new active transportation group is aiming to make Thunder Bay more walkable.  The Thunder Bay Health Unit held a one day conference aimed at finding ways to make the city more pedestrian and bike friendly.  Spokesperson Stasha Star says they'll eventually bring their findings to City Council. Star says they're goal is to encourage people to walk to the grocery store or work instead of reaching for car keys.

Gravelle closes Ring of Fire conference

A two day conference on the Ring of Fire has come to a close.  Minister Michael Gravelle says they'll take what they've learned and move towards implementing infrastructure in the far north. Gravelle adds they still need to find consensus on transportation methods and routes.  Each mining company prefers a different route but Gravelle feels they can come to a happy conclusion.  Gravelle says they'll continue to meet with Ring of Fire stakeholders.

4.2 million goes to Bio Energy project

The Provincial Government is putting another 4.2 million dollars towards Confederation College's Bio Energy Centre.  Outgoing President Pat Lang says the cash will mean she'll leave the school in a good financial position.  Lang says this final funding announcement means the project is completely paid for before it's even been built.  The biomass project uses wood waste to heat the college.

Squirrel causes brief blackout

Just blame this on the squirrel.  About 25 Thunder Bay Hydro customers  on the south side were affected by a brief power outage this morning.   The utility says the outage was caused after a squirrel was zapped on a transformer in the Marks and Harold Street area. 

New chair at St. Joe's

There's a new person chairing the board at St. Joseph's Care Group. Ray Halverson was elected at the Annual General Meeting and says he looks forward to the challenge of helping to oversee an important period at the hospital as it goes through the strategic planning process. Halverson comes to the board from a background in education

More residents leave Mishkeegogamang

Smoke from Sioux Lookout 35 continues to bear down on the community of Mishkeegogamang forcing the evacuation of more residents.    The forest fire is now reported to be about 10 kilometres away with smoke causing most of the problem.  About 150 residents have been taken to Sioux Lookout with 100 more heading for Ignace.

Hudak cancels visit to T.Bay

Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak's  next visit to Thunder Bay is going to have to wait.   For the second time in the last month the party has postponed a planned stop in the city.  He was due here next week to talk to the business community.    Hudak has been operating under a limited schedule since his 3 year old daughter had to enter the Children's Hospital for an undisclosed illness.

Ring of Fire Transportation needs

Cliffs Natural Resources is teaming up with Noront Resources to discuss transportation within the Ring of Fire.  Senior Vice President Bill Boor says its a situation of two heads are better than one. The two companies are sharing research. Cliffs is calling for an all season road and eventually a rail line into the Ring of Fire.  Meanwhile, Boor says they are close to ending a dispute with about a dozen employees who walked off the job a week ago at their Ring of Fire camp.

Worker orders issued after accident

An office supply store and a construction company are under the microscope after an industrial accident on Thunder Bay Airport property this week. Ministry of Labour spokesperson Matt Blajer says an employee was hurt making a delivery. He says the man is suffering with a broken vertebrae, a broken leg and blood in his lungs. Blajer says several work orders have been issued as a result of the incident.