Friday, May 14, 2010

Fire training course on council agenda

At City Hall Monday, councillors get to discuss a fire training program for Confederation College.  If approved the Thunder Bay Fire Service will be partnering with the Ontario Fire Marshal and the Association of Fire Chiefs to establish a fire training course at the college. It would be a one year course modelled after ones offered at 12 colleges in southern Ontario. Also tonight an application is being made to change the zoning for Red River Square at Red River Road and Clarkson. The purpose is for a mini warehouse and community clinic at that location

Bike rodeo teaches safety

The city police Bike Rodeo is all set to go. It takes place Saturday, June 19th at the Community Auditorium parking lot. Organizer, Detective Constable Tammy Reynolds,  says the purpose is to teach kids bike safety and to promote the Kids 'n Cops website.   Registration is limited to 300 participants and  forms are available at kidsncopsca.

Food Buddies inspires students

Students in the Foods and Nutrition class at Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute are making friends with the elementary students from Vance Chapman School. It's all part of a program called Food Buddies. Family Studies teacher Nancy White is proud of the program. She says the purpose is to educate and inspire the young students about making healthy eating choices. The program was inspired by the reality TV show Food Revolution. Pictured: Foods and Nutrition student Abaigeal Clark watchesVance Chapman students during the Food Buddies program

Program improves early reading skills

The Catholic School Board is pretty pumped about a new program that's helped grades 1 to 3 students with their early reading skills. Board spokesperson Joan Powell says the PALS program was introduced this school year and has gone beyond expectations. She is thrilled at the magnitude of the results and how all students, including those considered "at risk", are succeeding. Powell says that they're expanding the program next year to include math.

Skateboarding safety promoted

The District Health Unit and the Skateboard Coalition are teaming up to promote safety. Marita Campbell of the Health Unit says the campaign will focus on the young people who use the Marina Skate Plaza. She says the Coalition told her that they were concerned that a lot of young people were trying tricks beyond their abilities, not learning the basics first and not wearing appropriate gear. Campbell says the promotion will include posters and a parents guide to safer skateboarding

Neebing fire crews move back to home station

It took over 3 months but the Neebing fire crew is back in their home but for how long that will be is still up in the air. Firefighters were forced out of the station February 10th, after mould was discovered at the facility. Deputy Fire Chief Greg Hankkio says the living quarters and offices were gutted to remove the mould so there is a lot of work needed before crews can move back into the station. For now crews are being housed in an onsite trailer next to the facility. Hankkio says a consultant will be used to see if its worth renovating the station or finding a new permanent home.

Provincial parks are open for business

If you're looking for something to do this weekend why not go camping. Most of the provinces parks are open for business starting this weekend. There will also be an alcohol ban for the next 44 days.

Jared joins Eric in Carolina

Eric Staal will be spending some more time with family and he'll be able to do it in Carolina. The Hurricanes have aquired his younger brother Jared from the Phoenix Coyotes for a 5th round draft pick. Jared was chosen 49th overall in 2008 and has yet to play an NHL game.