Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Golf report sets course debate on fire

The debate on if the city should sell the city run golf courses is raging.  A report is coming to council Monday that shows the courses will never make money.  Councillor Andrew Foulds says while no decisions will be made for months, he thinks this is just another attack on public services.  Councillor Ken Boshcoff on the other hand says if there is a time to sell it is now. 

Murder trial winds down

The closing arguments are complete in the Michael Kelly murder trial. In his final address to the jury Defense Lawyer Gil Labine said it would be up to them to decide whether Kelly would lie to an undercover police officer, to get his hands on half a million dollars being offered to him to confess to the killing of Judie Thibault. Labine also showed them that the so called hold back evidence that Kelly told undercover officers about, was information that was known in the community through various means including police news releases. Kelly is charged with First Degree Murder in Thibaults death.

Lakeshore collision turns tragic

A 9 year old girl has succumbed to her injuries after Monday's collision on Lakeshore Drive.  OPP say Paige Matte-Gurney died yesterday in hospital.  The other injured child is still in hospital.

NDP's Peggy Nash coming to T.Bay

You can have a pub night with the latest NDP Leadership candidate to come to Thunder Bay.  Peggy Nash will be in the City on Monday and is hosting a "pub night" at Tony and Adams for NDP supporters.  The event runs from 7 until 9.

Feds can do more for First Nation drug problem

Thunder Bay MP Bruce Hyer wants the Federal Government to subsidize a new drug treatment for people addicted to prescription drugs. Hyer says more needs to be done to help area First Nations that are experiencing a prescription drug abuse epidemic. Hyer says the Federal Government needs to scrap the Methadone treatment in favour of a new drug that is more effective.

Hyer on PM meeting with First Nations

Tuesday's meeting between the Prime Minister and Canada's First Nations people is being panned.  This time the bad review is coming from MP Bruce Hyer.  The local MP thinks the PM should have made more of an effort towards scrapping the Indian Act.

Hudak at Confederation College Thursday

The leader of the Progressive Conservatives is coming to Thunder Bay today to talk about modernizing the province's apprenticeship system.  Tim Hudak will be speaking to Confederation College students about what he would like to see happen with the system.

Rafferty says McGuinty passing the buck

MP John Rafferty says Premier Dalton McGuinty is passing the buck when he claims First Nations are a Federal responsibility.  Rafferty says that's not the case since the Province of Ontario signed both the Treaty three and nine treaties.  The local MP says the McGuinty Government has failed to provide equal funding for first nation education.

OPP still searching Highway 17

Highway 17 between Marathon and Ney's Provincial Park is closed due to a police investigation. It stems from an early morning incident involving OPP trying to stop a vehicle near Terrace Bay. During the chase the car hit the ditch. The two suspects in the car fled; one man has been caught the other remains at large. OPP are requesting motorists NOT to pick up hitchhikers and to report any pedestrians observed on Highway 17 between Terrace Bay and Marathon.

Softwood Lumber deal for 2 more years

Canada has quietly extended the Softwood Lumber Agreement for another two years.  The deal will now expire in 2015.  Kenora M.P. Greg Rickford says while softwood lumber exports have been declining in recent years, the deal does provide market certainty for producers.

ORNGE lay offs

There are no cuts being made to ORNGE posts in Northwestern Ontario. 18 jobs were cut at the Province's air ambulance headquarters in Mississauga. The cuts are being made as a way to reduce costs. The restructuring only affects office positions and not pilots or paramedics.

Highway closed due to investigation

Highway 17 between Marathon and Neys Provincial Park is closed due to a police investigation.  OPP Constable Dave Shaw says the Trans Canada has been closed in both directions, west from Marathon and east from Terrace Bay.  They're looking for two suspects as part of the probe.  OPP are requesting motorists not to pick up hitchhikers and to report any pedestrians observed on Highway 17 between Terrace Bay and Marathon.