Monday, December 13, 2010

Youth Curfew heavily discussed

City staff are creating a report on whether a youth curfew is feasible. Councillor Andrew Foulds describes the proposed youth curfew as "using an elephant gun to swat mosquitoes".  Foulds feels it's not an effective tool, and it's a waste of our police resource. Meanwhile, Councillor Mark Bentz says a feasibility report on a youth curfew doesn't mean that they're going through with it; they just want to gauge the community's support.  Finally, Councillor Ian Angus feels the Crime Prevention Council should be in charge of whether or not to put a curfew in place.  Mayor Keith Hobbs reiterated he never said the curfew wouldn't be discussed with youth.

Adoption fees in 2011 budget

The higher adoption fees for dogs and cats in the City will be included for consideration in the 2011 budget.  General Manager Mark Smith says if their adoption rate declines because of the increased cost to adopt they will consider lowering the fees. The increase needs to be approved in the budget process, and if passed will run for a trial period.  Many councillors felt the city needs to look at other ways of keeping animals from being put down.  Mayor Keith Hobbs feels the higher fees will prevent seniors and poor people from owning animals. 

Credit Union set for Golf Links and Oliver

A credit union is setting up shop on the corner of Golf Links and Oliver Road. Administration asked council to hold off on approving the rezoning of a piece of property to include banks. General Manager Mark Smith says they're not against the bank, they just want to hold off until a community improvement plan is put in place in that area. Council approved the rezoning and will allow the credit union to operate in that area.

Port improvement plan passed

The Port of Thunder Bay will soon be able to offer incentives to businesses looking to relocate to Thunder Bay. Council approved a community improvement plan for the Port of Thunder Bay at it's meeting Monday night.  General Manager Mark Smith says the move will enable the city to grant back planning and building application fees.

Murder Suicide names released

Thunder Bay police have released the names of the Oliver Paipoonge couple involved in a murder suicide.  69 year old's Joseph and Antoinette Lavoie were found in their Oliver Road home by emergency personnel just after one o'clock Sunday.  Antoinette died as a result of a single gun shot wound, and Joseph of a self inflected gun shot.  Police say there is a history of domestic abuse between the couple.

Kloosterhuis calls deaths tragedy for community

City police say an apparent murder suicide in Murillo remains under investigation.   Residents of the village are wondering if there was something they could have done to have prevented it.  Mayor Lucy Kloosterhuis says it's a big tragedy. Police discovered the bodies of a 69 year old man and woman in a home on Oliver Road.

Annual Report celebrates students

The Annual Report from Lakehead University is showing off the accomplishments of it's students.  President Brian Stevenson says it's  putting the spotlight where he says it belongs by telling the community the kind of students LU has.  The report shows there were 82 hundred students enrolled at the institution's two campuses last year.   

Stevenson wants to recruit students early

Lakehead University will be focusing on attracting more Aboriginal students. President Brian Stevenson says he's looking at starting the recruitment process early. He says the goal would be to cut the drop out rate by promoting the institution to students in elementary school.

It was a busy weekend for City Police

Thunder Bay police are looking for a second suspect after an armed robbery.  Officers responded after the Shell on Arthur Street was robbed last night just after 8 o'clock.  A 22 year was arrested but a second man is still missing and could be armed with a knife.  Police had to deal with another armed robbery of a Mac's Mart, this time the thief was armed with a stick.  The man entered the Mac's Mart on North May street around 2:30 yesterday morning and made off with some cash and cigarettes.  Police also had to deal with a stabbing over the weekend.  A woman stabbed a man during a domestic altercation and is facing assault charges.  The man received minor injuries.