Sunday, December 30, 2012

Police Probe Murder And Serious Assault

Thunder Bay police are searching for any information on a murder and serious assault in the city. They say that two people were found unconscious in a house at 245 Villa Street Saturday night. They say one of them, a 25 year old man, was later pronounced dead in the hospital, the cause of his death has not been determined. The second person, a 23 year old man is in critical condition. Police say the people were known to the homeowner, who made the discovery, and that alcohol was a factor in the incident.

MNR Warns Against Feeding Animals

The Ministry of Natural Resources wants to remind the public to not feed wild animals. Communications specialist Kathryn Lyzun says feeding them not only takes a toll on the animal, but also spreads disease. Lyzun says that beyond dependency and disease issues, feeding animals near roads increases the opportunity of them being hit by a passing vehicle. She adds that it's important to appreciate wildlife from a distance.

Gravelle's Year in Review

Thunder Bay Superior North MPP Michael Gravelle is looking back on the year that was. He feels his biggest achievement in 2012 was the first section of highway 17 getting four lanes and he thinks that Northwestern Ontario's economy is going to take off in 2013. Gravelle says he's proud of many accomplishments throughout the year but notes it is also the year he received a diagnosis of cancer. Gravelle says he's received lots of wonderful support from his family and constituents.