Thursday, February 27, 2014

Province Monitoring Longlac

Thunder Bay Superior North MPP Michael Gravelle says his thoughts are with the residents of Longlac, Ginoogaming and Long Lake 58 First Nation.  Those communities are impacted by Union Gas' failed regulating station.  Gravelle says the Province is actively monitoring the situation through the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management. Warming centres have been established at the Geraldton High School, with transportation being provided for affected residents.

Longlac Without Heat & In State Of Emergency

Union Gas' regulating station in the Greenstone area isn't working today most likely because of the severe cold weather. Most of Longlac is now without heat impacting around 800 customers. The municipality has declared a state of emergency. Spokesperson Dave Sword says it's going to take a while before heat is restored hopefully homes can start to be re-lit this afternoon.  Union Gas is requesting people clear a path to their meters and the Municipality suggests keeping your water running so pipes don't freeze.  Mayor Ron Beaulieu says a warming centre has been opened at the Geraldton High School with transportation being provided.  Those residents with electric heat or a wood stove are welcome to stay in their homes, those who don't can stay overnight if they need to at the warming centre.

FedNor Unveils New Program

The Federal Government is launching a five year initiative that will help french language speaking communities in Northern Ontario. The economic development initiative will help foster local and regional business opportunities. FedNor will supply 4 million dollars to the program over the next 5 years.

Collision on South Water Street

Traffic is back to normal following a two vehicle collision at the intersection of South Water Street and Pearl. An SUV rear ended a pick-up truck and one person was sent to hospital as a precautionary measure.

Pot Smell In Kenora

There's a strange smell coming from the OPP Detachment in Kenora and it's not potpourri. The local evidence lockup is filled with marijuana from recent drug busts and the odor is wafting throughout the building.  Inspector Dave Lucas says unfortunately they can't dispose of the pot until they get the green light. Lucas says ideally he'd like to build a metal, outdoor storage lock-up unit, where the smell wouldn't affect their work space.

Plane Crash Factors Revealed

Darkness and low-intensity runway lights are to blame in a deadly plane crash near Pickle Lake. The Transportation Safety Board says a small private plane came in at 6-times the normal rate of descent and hit the ground on the night of October 16th, 2012. The TSB says the aircraft entered a steep descent and struck the terrain about one nautical mile east of the Pickle Lake airport runway. Two pilots and one of the two passengers on board died in the crash.

Man Faces Trial In Cutfeet Death

A 36 year old Thunder Bay man is going to trial to face a second degree murder charge. Shawn Henderson is accused in the stabbing death of 30 year old Travis Cutfeet in the spring of last year.   Cutfeet was walking along May street in the late afternoon at the time.  A trial date will be set in Superior Court.

Hobbs Says Chiarelli Doesn't Get It

Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs isn't happy with the outcome of their recent meeting with Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli.   Hobbs says the Minister just doesn't understand their concerns about the proposed plan for the Thunder Bay Generating Station.  Hobbs says they'll try to hammer their point through again at another meeting that's planned between the region's Energy Task Force, the Ontario Power Authority and the Provincial Government.

Hudak Discusses Johnson Dismissal

Ontario's Conservative leader Tim Hudak is addressing the firing of PC candidate Tamara Johnson in Thunder Bay-Superior North. During a news conference in Toronto today Hudak didn't talk about the details of the dismissal, nor did he  mention Johnson by name, but says candidates have to be on the same page.   He says he wants all PC hopefuls and caucus members focused on the issue of bringing jobs back to the province and nothing else.  Johnson was fired on the weekend following comments made on social media about businesses in the Fort William First Nation.

Good Roads Brings Good Things

Thunder Bay's delegation from the Ontario Good Roads Conference is back from Toronto.  Councillor Brian McKinnon admits they've brought forward the same issues to the Province year after year and says that's because repetition is key.  Council spoke to cabinet ministers about a variety of projects including the next phase of the Golf Links Road reconstruction and the proposed Youth Centre.  McKinnon as well as Mayor Keith Hobbs have said they feel funding will come for some of the projects they presented on during the two day conference.

Water Main Break Closes Westgate High

There are no classes today for students at Westgate Collegiate and Vocational Institute.  The high school is closed for the day due to a water main break.  Westgate will re-open once the water is turned on again in the building.  All Westgate school buses have also been cancelled.