Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Contraband booze seized

Almost 6 thousand dollars worth of alcohol bound for a northern First Nations community, is out of circulation.  Police along with security at the Deer Lake Airport seized numerous bottles of vodka this week. Alcohol is not allowed in the community located about 700 km northwest of Thunder Bay. 

Evans to discuss curfew proposal with colleagues

The idea of a youth curfew in Thunder Bay is getting the attention of city Lawyer Rosalie Evans. Mayor-elect Keith Hobbs is floating the proposal. Evans says she plans to find out how other municipalities handle the issue when she meets with municipal lawyers in Toronto.  That gathering takes place a week from this Friday.

LU Prof awarded Research Chair

Lakehead University's research efforts continue to rewarded.  This time it's through a Canada Research Chair in Environmental Education for Dr. David Greenwood.  Greenwood is one of 8 LU Professors to be awarded a Canada Research Chair.

Johnson says curfew idea has merit

Mayor-elect Keith Hobbs may have at least one councillor on his side that's in favour of a youth curfew. Hobbs says he'd like to see a midnight curfew for those under 16. Councillor Rebecca Johnson says the idea has merit and is worth discussing.   Johnson says in the past police have said curfew would be too hard to enforce

TRC hearings underway

The healing is starting for those taking part in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearing in the city. About 20 native residential school survivors are expected to tell their story according Sam Achneepineskum of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation.   He says it takes about 2 or 3 hours for one person to give their statement,  meaning that about 7 people are heard in a day.  All statements are videotaped.  The Commission is here until Friday.

More snow to fall

Thunder Bay could see anywhere from 10 to 20 centimeters of snow in the next two days.  Meterologist Bill Laidlaw says it's a slow moving low pressure system.  Laidlaw adds the snow falling will be wet and heavy.  The snow is expected to stop by Friday.

Bill Mauro weighs in on opposition

Everybody's a critic.  That's the thought of the Liberal Government when it comes to their long term energy plan.  Thunder Bay Atikokan MPP Bill Mauro says it's time to put up or shut up.  Mauro says it's easy to knock a party's plan without providing your own ideas.

Angus cool on curfew idea

If our mayor-elect is looking for support for a curfew for city youth,  he won't get it from Councillor Iain Angus. Keith Hobbs says he supports a midnight curfew for kids under 16. Councillor Angus says the new Crime Prevention Council should be allowed to get it's work done.   He calls the idea premature and that it's not right to do an "end around " on the process.

The future is now at the Health Sciences Centre

A ground breaking medical procedure is now available in Thunder Bay. The Health Science Centre is partnering with Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto to offer ultrasound surgery. Vice President Michael Power says the clinical trial doesn't require any cutting.  Power says eventually he hopes the procedure can be used to remove tumors in hard to reach areas like the brain or liver.

Jimi the dog's court date postponed

 Jimi the dog will get to have Christmas with his family.  His fate will be decided in court in two months time on January 26th.  Lawyer Francis Thatcher says Jimi's owners purchased him from the Thunder Bay Humane Society in 2007 and are now facing accusations that he's a pitbull. Fletcher adds the court will look into whether or not an attack took place between the two dogs and if Jimi's DNA shows he's a pitbull. Jimi supporters gathered outside the court house this morning.  Lawrence Hurd says they're pleased with today's decision.  Jimi's owners have been ordered to keep him muzzled.

Thunder Bay police deal with two early morning incidents

Thunder Bay police were kept busy this morning.  Just before 3 o'clock officers responded to a break and enter on Victoria Avenue and managed to arrest one man.  Then shortly after 4:30 police responded to a Mental Health Act call, when a man was spotted with a knife on Simpson street.  Officers managed to subdue the man and apprehend him. 

Murder suspect will stand trial

Micheal Earl Kelly will stand trial for murder. The Alberta man is charged with first degree murder in the November 2000 death of 57 year old Judith Thibault.  Thibault's body wasn't found until 2004.  Kelly will have a pre-trial hearing sometime in the new year.

AbitibiBowater clears major hurdle

AbitibiBowater could be on the verge of exiting bankruptcy protection.  The company has been given the green light by an American court to go ahead with a restructuring plan that will shed 5 and a half billion dollars in unsecured debt.  Part of the deal ensures the company will meet all pension obligations in Canada.