Thursday, March 24, 2011

Angus voices concerns

The Chair of the District Social Services Board is satisfied after speaking with a provincial government commitee.  Iain Angus gave his two cents on the new Social Housing Act and says there are a couple of things they should change.  Angus says they want the Province to ensure the province doesn't download any more costs onto the DSSAB.  Angus made the presentation to the government committee on Thursday.

OPP charge officer with criminal offences

An OPP officer in Schreiber is in some hot water. Police say that Constable Gregory Sutton is charged after the Thunder Bay police contacted them back in December. OPP Sgt. Shelley Garr says it involved incidents between the accused and another person.   Garr says it's alleged that the accused made false statements against the victim and that he allegedy intercepted a private conversation.  The 41 year old Sutton is charged with intercepting private communications and two counts of public mischief.

Hyer reluctant for election

Thunder Bay Rainy River MP Bruce Hyer isn't looking forward to Friday afternoon's non-confidance motion. Hyer says he's received calls from residents saying they'll be mad at him if he helps cause an election. The NDP MP says he's also heard from residents who think we need a new Government. Hyer says if an election is called he will be ready to fight for his job.

Rickford thinks public may not want election

The clock is ticking on the Harper government. At 1:30 Friday afternoon a vote of non-confidence will be held in Ottawa, that's expected to bring it down and force an election. Kenora MP Greg Rickford says the opposition may be making a mistake by forcing an election that the public may not want.  Regardless,  Rickford says he's prepared to take the governments record to the public

Science meets celebrity, Thunder Bay style

There's a new business in town selling the DNA of celebrities both living and dead. Celebrity Gene claims to have the DNA of such people as Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley as pendants and other forms. Company biologist Ryan Letho says they can even have something custom made for you, like having he DNA of Jimi Hendrix embedded into a guitar pick. He says there have been calls from publicists of some current Hollywood celebrities who are interested as well. Letho says more names will be revealed at an official launch next month

Compton stopped for drunk driving

The former mayor of Kenora , Len Compton, will appear in court in May on impaired driving charges. The OPP say they pulled over a vehicle in downtown Kenora at 2 o'clock this morning because it was being operated in what they called a suspicious manner. 

Boshcoff ready for spring time election

The Liberal candidate in the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding is ready for a possible spring time election. M-P's will vote Friday afternoon on a Liberal non-confidence motion that would trigger an election. Federal candidate and City Councillor Ken Boshcoff says he hasn't set up campaign offices as of yet. When the election is called, Boshcoff says he will take a leave of absence from his council seat.

Possible spring election in place

It looks like we're headed for a spring time election this May. MP's vote Friday afternoon on a Liberal non-confidence motion that could trigger an election. Thunder Bay Rainy River MP John Rafferty says he's election ready and wants the public to be too. Rafferty says if the government loses the vote; the Prime Minister will probably ask the Governor General on Sunday to dissolve Parliment.

Name of Sioux Lookout girl released

Hypothermia is the cause of death for an 11 year old girl in Sioux Lookout.  Chloe Matthews of Big Trout Lake died Saturday and was found outside, near a school yard.

Coroner launches probe into jail death

The Regional Coroner's office is launching a full investigation into the death of Dwane Turk. The 55 year old Thunder Bay man was accused of second degree murder and died in police custody. Dr. Peter Clark says they've already started preliminary work. Turk was charged with the death of fellow Thunder Bay resident 32 year old Christopher Jean.

Icebreaker on it's way

There's been a delay, but the icebreaker Mobile Bay is still due to come in to port today. Port Authority CEO Tim Heney says it was supposed to have been here by now, but was delayed by some winds but should be here by 8 tonight.