Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Team Thunder Bay heads home

After over a dozen meetings in Toronto,  Mayor Keith Hobbs and his Thunder Bay delegation are coming home.   Hobbs says the two days of lobbying government ministers and officials will hopefully pay off for the city.  Hobbs says leaders here need  to hold the government's feet to the fire on local issues.

Retired general weighs in on Libya

A retired Thunder Bay general gives top marks to world governments as they react to the Libyan crisis. John Litt says the UN effort is critical to the humanitarian efforts that must take place because the government there is attacking it's own people.   He says we have an obligation to not only defend a member state during a time of war, but to protect it's people from crimes against humanity.  Litt says Rwanda taught the world we can't sit by and watch people getting slaughtered

Planned blockade raises Horwath's ire

The planned blockade of the Ring of Fire by the Marten Falls First Nation on Thursday is not going unnoticed at Queens Park. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is blaming the governments lack of dialogue with northern First Nations.  Aboriginal Affairs Minister Chris Bentley says Northern Development Minister Michael Gravelle is working closely with Marten Falls on specific issues

Henderson jersey back in Canada

More than 30 years after Paul Henderson scored the winning goal in the 1972 Summit Series, the famous jersey is back in Canada. The Henderson Jersey Homecoming tour is travelling across Canada and will be making a stop in Thunder Bay on Thursday, March 10th. Spokespeson Rob Wighton says the tour bus will have many different exhibits such as the stick, gloves, and jersey Henderson used during the series.

Its been a cold winter

Home heating bills likely went up this winter but not only because of the HST. Our Meteorologist Bill Laidlaw says its been pretty cold so far. The average temperature has been just below long term average but when you consider the mild winters we've had over the last ten year's its been the second coldest over that time. Laidlaw says it'll likely remain on the cooler side until mid month at earliest.

Two collision keep police busy

Thunder Bay OPP dealt with a couple vehicle collisions.  Both happened yesterday around 5:30 in the afternoon.  The first one involved a van which hit a dump truck on Highway 527.  The woman driver of the van was taken to hospital with minor injuries.  The second collision happened on Highway 11/17 just East of Kakabeka Falls were a vehicle hit the ditch.  Charges have been laid. 

Cliffs keep quiet on blockade

Cliffs Natural Resources is not commenting on plans for a blockade of the company's proposed mining development.  The Marten Falls First Nation says it will stop anyone from entering the Ring of Fire area starting on Thursday.  They say they are upset over being left out of the process.    Mines minister Michael Gravelle has not been available for comment.

County Fair for sale

A for sale sign is up at County Fair Mall. The Mall entered receivership and is being administered by accounting firm Grant Thornton. Its unknown how long the building has been in receivership.