Thursday, August 12, 2010

Minister of Natural Resources visits Tbay

Minister of Natural Resources Linda Jeffrey is defending her governments far north act.  Jeffery paid a visit to Thunder Bay on Thursday and spoke with the Nishinawbe Aski Nation.  Jeffrey says she had a good discussion with NAN and they hope to come up with a document that both the government, business and first nations are comfortable with.  NAN is holding a news conference about the issue on Friday.

Hudak promises to scrap Far North Act

Ontario's Opposition leader says if he's elected, say good-bye to the Far North Act. Tim Hudak is promising to scrap the controversial legislation if it's passed. Hudak says the act does nothing for job creation.  He says if the act would have been passed years ago we would never have heard of the the Ring of Fire or the Victor Mine.  He says Dalton McGuinty basically wants to turn the far north into a park and kiss all those opportunities good-bye.  Hudak says the bill has been rammed through the Legislature without consultation.  Pictured:  Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce President Harold Wilson speaks at news conference as Conservative leader Tim Hudak looks on.  Meanwhile, Minister of Natural Resources Linda Jeffrey disagrees with Hudak and notes she's willing to alter the act to accomodate first nations and northern businesses.  Jeffrey was in Thunder Bay on Thursday.

Aviation camp comes to close

Confederation College is hosting a group of aboriginal high school students interested in learning about flight. Aviation Dean Joe Vieria says they hope to inspire students to become pilots. There's a lack of first nations people in the skilled labour force. 26 local first nations youth took part in the week long camp. Wasaya Airways, Local First Nation Councils, and the Kenney Family Foundation help fund the week long flight camp.

Local dogs flying high at Canadian Dog Agility Nationals

A pair of Thunder Bay dogs had a successful showing at the Canadian Nationals for Dog Agility. The event happened in Calgary last weekend and Jessica Dubinsky says her and dog Jersey had a very solid showing winning 2nd once and 13th. Nancy Laser also of Thunder Bay and her dog placed 2nd twice, 4th once and also had a 5th place finish.

Michael Ignatieff is not coming to Thunder Bay

Michael Ignatieff's magical mystery tour is giving Thunder Bay a miss. The Liberal leader is making three stops in the Northwest during his cross country bus tour, Kenora Saturday, Dryden Sunday and Kapuskasing Monday. Ignatieff had originally planned to visit Thunder Bay Sunday.

Tim Hudak is coming to Thunder Bay

The Leader of the provincial opposition will be in Thunder Bay today to talk with the Chamber of commerce. Tim Hudak will be talking about the Far North Act. He's expected to meet with the Chamber's board of directors just after noon.