Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ear Falls Sawmill Re-Opening

Senior VP of Forestry for EACOM Timber says it's the right time to reopen the Ear Falls Sawmill. Brian Nicks says the U.S housing recovery and positive financial forecasts make the decision a little easier. The opening is expected to come next spring.

Rock Climbing in Thunder Bay

The Thunder Bay region will be featured in an upcoming edition of Gripped, a rock climbing magazine. Editor Brandon Pullan is the editor and says the region is great for climbers because of uncommon rock types, ease of access and low risk winter climbing. The feature will focus on locations around the region including some spots right here in the city. It will run in February and April.

No Say in First Nations Education Act

A Northern Ontario Chief says the Federal Government is using first nations as lab rats. Anishinabek Nation Grand Chief Patrick Madahbee says they have played no role in the First Nations Education Act, which is expected to be presented in the new fall session. Madahbee is asking for the government's patience as they develop their own strategy which will include more parental guidance.

Funding for Attawapiskat

The Attawapiskat community is the major beneficiary of federal funding. Forty-five thousand dollars will go to the community for participating in the environmental assessment of the proposed Victor Diamond Mine extension project. A total nearing ninety-thousand dollars is being distributed amongst four northern First Nations including MiningWatch Canada and the Wildlands League.